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Here is a little about us ... I have been drawn to vampires for as far back as I can remember. Actually, it was horror movies back when I was a kid that got me started. Frankenstein, the Mummy, Wolfman and Dracula - that really got me hooked on vamps.

Now "way back then" the better horror movies (I thought) were both suspenseful and scary - but not necessarily the overly gory, blood fests, with body parts flying all over the place that you frequently see today. And that is still the kind of horror movie I enjoy today. Loads of action, suspense, drama, a good story and some scary elements too - now that is the perfect recipe for a great horror movie if you ask me.

So even way back then I was drawn to the supernatural beings - the things that caused those "bumps in the night" - and to love the films and books describing and defining these type of characters and events. And of all the supernaturals out there, vampires were always my favorite - with werewolves coming in second.

So that is exactly why I decided to create this site about my favorite supernatural entity - the vampire. I want to share my interest with you and to also give you a place to share your own creative works with all of us too - whether it is in the form of vampire stories or poems that you have written, vampire artwork that you have drawn, painted or sculpted yourself or maybe even something you created on your own computer - digital artwork, so to speak.

And lastly, I created this site as an outlet for my interest in vampires and a place where I can share informative articles and vampire informationwith you as well as all manner of vampire products and gifts. And if you need anything like vampire DVD's, vampire books, vampire posters and the like - we do plan on adding nothing but the best in vampire media here. So there you have it, that's all about us!

Underworld movie

Lastly, I want to share with you how "Un-techy" I am. I'm just an average chick - no technical degrees or anything like that. And that's okay because even so, I can easily share with you all I want to - vampire photos, articles, pdf's, you name it - because my webhosting company makes it so simple. Basically all I have to do is write my page content, gather my pics and, boom, Solo Build It! does the rest for me. What a blessing.

SBI! allows me to share my interest with you all, gives me the ability to let you share your own vampire creative works with others and all I have to do is put it online. All the techy stuff - they handle. Thank goodness - because I have too much else to do myself. Plus, my online hobby allows me the opportunity to bring in an extra stream of income which is a big deal to me - especially in today's economy. Want to know more for yourself because you have a hobby you would like to share too? Then click here to learn more about the best hosting plan online!

" We searched village after village, country after country. And always we found nothing. I began to believe we were the only ones. There was a strange comfort in that thought. For what the damned really have to say to the damned." -- Louis, Interview with the Vampire.

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