Barnabas Collins

One of my favorite vampire characters of all time is Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows. Dark Shadows was a TV show back when I was in high school. I couldn't wait to get home from school every day to watch it.

Barnabas, played by Jonathan Frid, was a good vampire, well, at least he tried to be good. He lived in Collinwood in a big old mansion - of course where else would a vampire live? He lived with his family in the big old mansion, some of them knew he was a vampire and others didn't. He would only bite the people who were bad.

Like most vampires he slept during the day and hunted at night. He was in love with the nanny who came to be nanny to his nephew. He was kind of odd and not really that attractive, but there was just something charasmatic about him that drew me in day after day.

Collinwood was set in Maine I believe. Barnabas had a handyman that worked around the mansion during the day and guarded Barnabas at night. Barnabas also turned into a bat and flew around and would just appear in places. Dark Shadows was very much like a soap opera today, even back then.

Barnabas had the typical vampire teeth and wore a long black coat that looked like a long cape. Some people could sense that something was different about him and some couldn't. Some of the characters in the show could travel back in time to the days of Salem. There was always something weird going on at Collinwood.

Barnabas lived in the old Collinwood and all the other family members lived in the new Collinwood. I have seen the trailer for the new Johnny Depp movie and I don't think his portrayal of Barnabas is true to the old show. He seems more like a comedian and Barnabas was really very serious.

I will eventually see the new Dark Shadows movie with Johnny Depp just to see the whole thing and how it compares. It just reminds me though of how much the vampires from the shows today just aren't the same. Barnabas Collins is the first vampire that I remember well and he will always be among many of my favorites.

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