Bill Compton - Vampire Bill

"True Blood" is currently my favorite vampire based TV show. Bill Compton is one of the main characters. This show is based on a series of books by Charlaine Harris - set in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. And I love the fact they are written with such a wicked kind of attitude.

He became a vampire at the end of the Civil War, when he was in his thirties. He is a stereotypical southern gentleman, aside from the fact that he "lives" to drink blood. Bill lives in a town called Bon Temps, Louisiana. He met his love, Sookie Stackhouse , at a bar called Merlotte's, where many scenes in the show take place.

Sookie is a telepathic waitress who knew Bill was in trouble the night they met, having read the minds of the couple he was with. When the couple tried to drain Bill of his blood and tied him with silver chains, Sookie was right there, ready to fight to save him, even though she didn't know him before that night. Bill ended up having to save her after she was beaten by the couple that night, having her drink his blood.

In the "True Blood" world, vampire blood is a miracle cure, a little known fact, as well as a highly addictive drug. There is real irony in that, to think that people would want vampire blood but say vampires were monsters for needing their blood to live.

Bill was turned into a vampire by a vampire named Lorena, a vampire who had tricked him into thinking she was a hopeless war widow. Flashbacks show how cruel Lorena was and though Bill was also a vampire, he maintained some of his humanity and couldn't be as cruel as Lorena. He eventually left her, which she did not appreciate.

Sookie ended up having to kill Lorena, Bill's maker, in order to save his life. Even though Bill isn't a typical vampire who is willing to attack for more than just the sake of feeding off of his victim, he is never unwilling to attack anyone who is out to hurt Sookie. I always think that is more of a stereotypical southern gentleman quality, because all of the other vampires seem ready to attack for no reason all.

Even if it means attacking another vampire, which is strictly against vampire rules, Bill will fight to the death for Sookie. Bill's love for Sookie is so strong that he is even willing to come out into the sun to try and save her. We all know vampires burn in the sun (they don't sparkle!) but that never stops him.

He has quite a bit of stamina for his age, but vampires seem to get better with age on "True Blood", a fact that really amuses me. And honestly, Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill Compton, is so hot that really they wouldn't have to have a reason for him to be shirtless or, even better, naked, and I would buy it.

Bill Compton doesn't seem like such a southern gentleman when we find out he has been working for the queen of the Louisiana vampires. He didn't just happen to meet Sookie at Merlottes, he was there purposely looking for her. The queen knew Sookie was a telepath and wanted Bill to find her.

Of course, Sookie was not thrilled when she found that out. I wouldn't be either, if I thought the "man" I loved had only meant to use me! But, Bill Compton is so good looking I don't think I would mind being used. Well, for a little while anyway....

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