Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison

One of my favorite vampire books ever is Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison. This is Book 8 in her "The Hollows" series. And more than vampires appear in these books. There are pixies, elves, demons, gargoyles and even more fantastic creatures. I think that this particular book is my favorite out of all of them because Rachel Morgan, the main character, as well as a witch, is steadily learning more about herself, her powers (which she discovers in the course of the series are both "witchy" and demonic due to a life saving, yet genetically altering experimental procedure), and the steadiness of her true friends.

There is a definite climax in this 8th book for many of the relationships as well as Rachel's personal growth. In the book, Rachel has begun to get past the death of her vampire boyfriend who was killed, Kisten, without the help of another man in the mix (finally, a woman who doesn't need a replacement man for the healing... Not that she didn't try to have a boyfriend before the ex-communication of the witch community once they found out that Rachel was practicing black magic).

Another evident sign of literary climax in the book is that Rachel and her vampire roommate, Ivy Tamwood, a living vampire by birth who is fighting the fear of what will happen when she passes over to the first death for their kind. Ivy sees Rachel as her life preserver, yet cannot find a way to have a comfortable relationship with Rachel without the exchange of both blood and sex, as well as love.

In this 8th book, you can tell where Rachel, despite her reserves of having a bisexual relationship with Ivy, is becoming more comfortable with the idea as she questions herself. Ivy on the other hand, by gathering the fellowship of the city's hierarchy of vampires, is becoming more able to control her blood lust so that Rachel and she can remain friends.

This is definitely not youth fantasy vampire material. This is a mature read. That's one of the main reasons that I like it so much. I often get tired of all the teen and tween vampire drama books, movies, and shows like Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and the like and want to read or watch something a little different.

On the other hand, Black Magic Sanction isn't nearly as gory as some of the more recent vampire books that look for more gore and shock value than a decent story line. Finally, my favorite part is that Kim Harrison has used her artistic license to create a world all her own within all the Hollows series books.

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