Blood Promise

One of my favorite Vampire book series is the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead. Blood Promise, my favorite book in the series, picks up after the relationship between the two main characters has been established (Rose and Dimitri).

At the beginning of the novel, Rose is torn apart because the love of her life, Dimitri has been turned into a Strigoi, a group of very evil vampires who want to kill "living vampires", the Moroi. Rose herself is half vampire, half human.

She drops out of school at St. Vladmir's Academy and goes to Russia to "find and save" Dimitri. Except, it isn't that easy, of course.

She meets an Alchemist who helps her, even though she thinks Rose is scary and is a monster. She eventually ends up going to the town where Dimitri's family lives and befriends them and spends time in their home and develops an affection for them.

All of Rose's friends at the Academy have special powers. The book gives some background on her relationship with her best friend, Lissa. She can look in on Lissa in dreams so she frequently does so to find comfort but also finds that she harbors a lot of guilt for how things ended when she left the school.

Eventually with the help of some other supernatural beings, Rose finds Dimitri - and it isn't pretty. He's gone to the darkside and she finds herself in the predicament of still being in love with him and manipulated into being controlled by him. He wants to turn her into a vampire, she stalls, he gets angry, she continues to stall, then it goes ugly.

She finally reaches into herself and realizes she is being played a fool and has to fight back. There is a good contrast in these characters between good and evil, right and wrong, mortality and immortality. Blood Promise is also the novel where Rose discovers who her father really is.

She learns more about her own strength and eventually returns to school and is granted acceptance back in so she can graduate. The novel ends where she thinks she finally has defeated Dimitri - but has she? The last chapter leads us into the sequel where Rose is up against even more challenges. She finds a way to mend her relationship with Lissa so that she can have a stronger support system and she has to find and kill the love of her life.

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