Breaking Dawn Part One Movie

The Breaking Dawn Part One movie starts out by showing different people getting wedding invitations for Bella and Edwards wedding. Almost everyone is either shocked or upset about it - except for Bellas mom who is ecstatic about the wedding.

The day of the wedding, Bella has a dream that she is walking down the aisle and everyone is there; after the vows are exchanged, she looks out to the crowd and everyone is dead and bloody. The camera then zooms in on her and her mouth is covered in blood since she is now a vampire.

During the real wedding however, everything goes over smoothly until Bella's friend Jacob (who is a wolf/shape shifter) shows up. He tells her he is really upset that she will be a vampire soon and that when that happens, their friendship will be ruined.

As usual in the Breaking Dawn Part One movie, Bella and Jacob end up getting in a fight. Edward sees that Bella is getting upset so he comes over to comfort her. They then head off to their honeymoon.

The honeymoon is at Edward dad's (Carlisle) private beach house. They have fun doing random activities such as chess, swimming and skinny dipping but Bella wants more. Bella wants to have sex but because she got bruises the first time they had sex, Edward doesn't want to have sex again because he doesn't want to hurt her.

Edward finally gives in though and they have really rough, headboard-splitting sex. When the cleaning lady comes to clean the house later, she gets upset and says Bella has the devil inside of her. That's when Bella realizes she is pregnant.

Normally vampires don't get pregnant, and in the Breaking Dawn Part One movie they decide to go back to Forks, Washington to see what Carlisle (who is also a doctor) has to say about this. When they get back home, they find out that the baby is killing Bella by sucking her blood.

Bella though refuses to kill the baby so she decides to do whatever is possible to keep the baby alive including drinking blood. Although she is really weak, she seems to be happy. Jacob is invited over because Bella really wants to see him; when he finds out she is pregnant with a demon vampire baby though, he says that he no longer cares about her and walks out.

Then, Jacob realizes that he really does care about her and decides to leave his "wolf pack" and protect her/the baby from the other wolves. A while later, while Carlisle is gone, Bella goes into labor. Jacob and Edward try to do all they can but ends up killing Bella but at least saved the baby.

Edward thinks that he can save Bella by turning her into a vampire but at first it wasn't working. When Jacob later saw the baby, he imprinted on her (found his true love) and decides that he will do what he can to protect everyone. The other wolves hear the baby is born so they go to attack the vampires but then have to stop because they aren't allowed to harm something that a fellow wolf has imprinted on.

Right before the Breaking Dawn Part One movie ends, it shows that Bella has been successfully turned into a vampire and is "alive" again. I liked this movie because it followed the book really well and there was humor throughout it. However, there were some parts in the movie that appeared to drag on for too long as well. Overall however, I really enjoyed the movie.

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