Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore from TVD (The Vampire Diaries) would have to be one of my most favorite new vampires. He is around 165 years old (even though he only looks to be in his mid-twenties), of Italian descent, pale skinned (as most vampires are) with dark brown hair and beautiful bright baby blue eyes.

The Vampire Diaries is a television series based off of a book series by the same name from L. J. Smith

Damon's traits are easy to describe and early in the series he seems like a very one-dimensional sinister character. I would describe him as cunning, masochistic to a point and almost evil.

This is made evident by him returning to the small town where his younger brother (also a vampire called Stefan) is trying to live a normal life acting as a human until Damon tries to ruin this by wrecking havoc across all of Mystic Falls in the way he knows best: murder.

When we first come to know of him on the TV series by the same name as the book, The Vampire Diaries, Damon is consumed with hate for his younger brother Stefan and possesses an unyielding love for a past girlfriend named Katherine that he has been searching for for many years.

Damon is the ultimate sociopathic killing machine - charming and sugary sweet one second - arrogant, dangerous and even savage the next.

Damon is one of two brothers; both vampires, living in a small town. Damon is the bad ass one out of the two and is pretty much evil. But, against his wishes, he fell in love with a human, the same human that's in love with his brother.

Because of this Damon finds himself conflicted. He has an evil nature and basically enjoys anything that is morally wrong, killing etc. But he also can't stand it when the girl he is in love with is angry at him. So he tries his best to be good, but it doesn't always work out.

And even when he is doing something good, there is always something in the way he does it that is quite evil. Like say he had to rescue some one from a police cell. A truly good vampire would creep in, do the rescue and creep out. But not Damon! Damon Salvatore would murder his way through the police station killing everything in his path.

In fact, we get to see Damon commit several murders, none of which he is remorseful for in the least. In fact, it seems he even revels in these murders and enjoys committing them - and if they cause emotional pain to anyone else - especially his younger brother, Stefan, so much the better.

His dark sense of humor, I think, however, is just his personality but was also further developed over time to help cover and protect himself when dealing with others. However later on in the series Damon develops a much broader range of emotions that we had previously not seen before.

Contrary to past belief due to his actions he has flashes of kindness and compassion towards his brother's girlfriend, Elena, who is a human and the spitting image of his old girlfriend, Katherine. The viewer is generally meant to regard these acts a guise for a more sinister ulterior motive but we find out in the end that Damon did genuinely care for the woman and we sympathize with him or it.

What I do like so much about Damon is how he is relatable to real life humans like you and I, despite the series and books being fiction and folklore. He shows emotions as a vampire, beating the stereotype that vampires are bloodless killers while at the same time supporting that because of his "other side" that we see earlier on in the series, which still shows its head from time to time if angered or threatened.

Damon Salvatore is brutal and hardcore, a perfect example of how a predator should be. Most of Damon's bitter cold attitude was actually developed because of his brother Stefan. Stefan is a good vampire now who would never hurt anybody, but back when they were human it was Stefan who was turned first and then he turned Damon.

Stefan was a savage vampire and Damon didn't like the brutality of it all so he left his brother and went off into the world alone. In the mean time, Stefan learned his errors and became a good vampire. But it was too late, blinded by hate over his brothers actions, Damon is well known throughout the entire world of vampires as pretty much being a psychopath. And who might have a better insight into Damon Salvatore than the actor who portrays him so well, the beautiful and smoking hot, Ian Somerhalder. Ian Somerhalder is the actor who plays as Damon and he is without a doubt the hottest vampire ever to walk this earth.

He is tall, dark and handsome with a piercing glare that is full of evil and seduction all at once. He's almost two hundred years old and has a ring that lets him walk around during the day and since he is basically the master of deception, he is able to sneak around right under peoples noses while murdering and abusing their loved ones.

Here are a couple of quotes by Somerhalder himself about his murderous counterpart, Damon Salvatore, on The Vampire Diaries:

“What I wanted Damon to be was this sort of wacky old world combination of Cary Grant and Mick Jagger". (In an interview with GQ UK), and,

"Damon's just lonely, bored and pissed off... He's very divisive, exceptionally smart and, unfortunately for Stefan and everyone else, very, very powerful." (In another interview)

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"You should have met me in 1864. You'd have liked me." -- Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries