Darla the Vampire

Darla the Vampire is a character from Buffy and Angel (the TV series). She's a little bit of a bitch, but the thing is, it's done so well that you'll love her just as much as you hate her. Although she dies in the first season of Buffy, she plays an extensive role in the series both through flashbacks and in other ways as well.

She's done a lot to influence the way Spike, Drusilla, and Angel have developed into who they are and she continues to change the way they understand everything. If you're at all a fan of Buffy or Angel, she's one of the most important characters on those shows in terms of how she's influenced all of the other characters.

Darla is extremely well written. She has a deep and meaningful character, but it's really hidden by this deep and utter "jerkiness" she also maintains that makes you hate her. Does she have everyone else's best wishes in mind? Honestly? That's highly questionable.

I haven't heard Joss Whedon, the creator, say either way, but I could easily be convinced either way. Darla is a very old vampire. She's hundreds of years older than even Angel, and she's a girl of her own will. Her sire outlives her, but she spends most of her hundreds of years on her own, traveling the world.

She's VERY well traveled, having lived through hundreds of cities and towns, and she's gained a lot of experience - and a LOT of power. Darla the Vampire is played by the beautiful, talented and graceful Julie Benz. Julie is gorgeous and she knows how to capture the character of Darla extremely well.

She was given the role by Joss Whedon himself, after not quite being the perfect actor for Buffy . And she fits Darla perfectly. It's easy to dismiss Darla as a nobody or a character that means very little to the plot. But she is so important - especially to the character of Angel and Drusilla.

Maybe so - maybe Darla isn't a protagonist or a major antagonist - at best she's a "Little Bad' in the first season of Buffy - but that doesn't make her any less of an absolutely stunning character in the end. But she is a vampire that you won't soon forget. And that certainly makes Darla the Vampire a famous vampire character in my opinion.

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