Edward Cullen Vampire

Do you know all about Edward Cullen the Vampire? When I first read Twilight, I was completely skeptical about him however.

I've always been a fan of vampires. But I was always afraid of anything remotely scary, and blood sucking undead people are definitely what I would consider scary. And I had heard all sorts of hooplah about the Twilight series before I had read it.

Well, after reading the Twilight series, I must say that I'm a complete convert, and it's all because of my favorite character, Edward Cullen vampire. In fact, in the Twilight world, vampires aren't scary looking, they're beautiful.

They're fast, they're incredibly strong, and they smell amazing. They also happen to sparkle in the sunlight, like a prism. What more could you want? Toss in the mind reading that Edward Cullen possesses and you've got yourself the perfect man.

Too bad his diet is so unappetizing. Luckily he prefers blood from animals rather than vulnerable human beings, but still.... He does a great job of fighting his basic monster urgings to rip apart human flesh. Instead he lives a life of semi emo angst, which gives him that sexy, brooding quality that I find so attractive.

I also love that he never has to sleep. Imagine all that you could get done if you didn't have to waste 7 to 9 hours a night getting shut eye. No wonder he's a wonderful pianist and incredibly intelligent in addition to all of his other attributes.

I also love the way that Edward is written in the Twilight series. He's such a devoted, romantic soul, that any woman would go weak in the knees just from being around him. I can't tell you how many times while reading these books that I fantasized about being whisked off on piggy back, to “fly” through the forest clinging to him like a spider monkey.

The fact that Edward Cullen was born in the 1800s makes him all the more alluring in many ways. That was a time when men were gentlemen. Where letters were written, and a man asked for a dance instead of your phone number. I would have loved to live in a time like that, with a man like Edward to ask for my dance card.

So even though Edward Cullen is 17 in the books, he's really much older than that, since he's lived for over a century as a vampire. It makes me feel a little less dirty for daydreaming of him, since I'm most definitely his senior in age.

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" For many years I had heard about an underworld consisting of people who act out a vampire fantasy while I was living in New York. Fortunately for me there are also several books on the phenomena." -- James Patterson