What is an emotional vampire?

Emotional vampires are not your garden variety vampire. Emotional kinds of vampires do not feed on blood, these batty characters feed on your emotions - on a person's aura. Confused? Many are, but consider this: have you ever for no reason, suddenly felt out of sorts, tired, drained, sleepy, depressed?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then chances are, you might be the victim of an emotional vampire. Emotional vampirism and Psychic vampirism involve the user (i.e. vampire) to meditate, tap into an unknown subject's mind, aura. It takes a tremendous amount of concentration, a few hours worth for beginners, possibly an hour or less for expert vampires.

Emotional vampires can have a ready made victim, someone who is willing to sacrifice their aura in order for their user to feed. The vampire will seek permission from it's host to penetrate their psychic bubble, and extract whatever invisible energy that is available. An aura is defined as energy. It's like this: if someone is sad, their aura could be described as the color blue. If someone is angry, the color red. If there is an extreme calm and peace, the aura energy is white.

Emotional and Psychic vampires mostly use their feeding for good. Someone with cancer might benefit from becoming an emotional vampire and having a friend as a feeding host.

However, be careful of those vampires who feed off of energy to harm. You may never know it, but if you find yourself feeling out of sorts in weird, substantial ways, protect yourself.

Many wonder if an Emotional vamp can kill with these abilities, and my answer is always often, no. What an Emotional vampire can do is make their victim helpless, depressed to the point of hospitalization, always tired, moody, in pain for one reason or another.

Emotional Vampires can isolate their victims to the point where there is no energy left for the user to feed off of, and that's when the vampire will usually release it's hold over the victim.

What can a person do to protect themselves from harmful Emotional and Psychic vampires? It's best to seek the help of a Shaman, or High Priestess who's an expert in aura and psychic protection. One can also seek help from another member of the Vampire community. There is a ceremony of purity where prayers and sacrifices are offered. A seal of white light is placed around the victim. White light is the highest, most pure form of Aura light. There will also be a spell cast by the Shaman or Priestess, to keep the Emotional Vamp away from it's victim. Sometimes, these protection ceremonies may have to be repeated until the target begins to feel it's energy returning. Once the depression, tiredness and mood swings subside, then the victim can be taught how to protect themselves from future attacks. There are plenty of websites dedicated to Emotional and Psychic vampirism, which I encourage everyone to checkout.

Not long ago, there was a special on Vampires, and had a particularly extended segment about Psychic vampires and how they do use their powers for good, rather than evil. I tend to believe for the most part that these rather new kinds of Vampires, are good people, mostly misunderstood, but there are a few bad apples out there, and the best thing anyone can do, is pray and continue to send psychic thoughts of love out into the Universe.

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