Emotional Vampires

Ever heard of Emotional Vampires? There are many out there who claim to be vampires in the world. Many sub-cultures exist that embrace a ‘vampire lifestyle’ - even going to the extreme point of sleeping in coffins and drinking blood.

In fact, there are entire festivals and communities devoted to sanguinarian (blood drinking) lifestyles. And sharing between like-minded ‘vampires’ who fully embrace the mindset of their romanticized monsters is one part of the lifestyle.

These individuals are usually black-clad gothic figures adorned in silver jewelry and adopting new names as they assume a new vampire persona and join the ‘un-lifestyle’. As a supernatural undead entity rising from their grave to feed upon the blood of the living, the Vampire likely does not exist as a ‘real creature’.

Legends and myth are often parables and metaphor for trials the human condition, but there can also be truths hidden within. Many of the vampire myths are veiled descriptions for types of sexual diseases or physiological or psychological disorders, but despite how divergent vampire legends get across different cultures, there are always remarkable similarities and features.

A number of mythic creatures are found to have real-life counterparts, and the vampire is no exception. While most real-world mythic counterparts turn out to be somewhat mundane, there are other types of vampirism and parasitism that can be more horrific than their literary counterparts. Psychic or empathic vampires, also called energivore or psionic vampires, are indeed a reality, despite lack of medical and scientific support for the concept.

Most people in the world have likely encountered the type. A person who exists as an emotionally draining presence upon others; an individual who enters a room and suddenly the party ‘stops’, the type of people who enter any room and suddenly darken everyone’s mood. Several of the identifiers for ‘toxic friends’ may in actuality be the tell tail signs of a psychic vampire, aka; emotional vampires.

These are psychic vampires, and they’re remarkably prevalent. The idea of these types of entities is encountered throughout literature and there have always been historical accounts of such individuals in the past. There is a remarkable amount of occult literature on the subject, by many of the most respected members of occult communities like Dion Fortune and Anton Lavey.

These authors clearly define and mark the identifiers for these entities and make recommendations and ‘battle plans’ for how to deal with them. Some darker grimoires can teach an individual to become a psychic vampire, but most energivores may be unaware of their nature, simply drawing upon the energy or life forces around them to sustain themselves without understanding the effects upon others.

Like the vampires of myth, these unfed emotional vampires becomes gaunt and withdrawn when away from other people they can draw upon. Once fed, their color improves and they become more vibrant and animated, even as their draining presence adversely affects all those around them.

As a general policy, it is recommended to learn the signs of being near a psychic vampire, also referred to as emotional vampires, identifying those within your company and taking steps to ward yourself and loved ones against their assault.

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" But the world was a tomb to me, a graveyard of broken statues, and each of those statues resembled her face." -- Louis, Interview with A Vampire