Forever Knight TV Show

The Forever Knight TV Show is one of the earliest weekly Vampire TV shows there is. This particular Vampire TV show predates all of the other vampire TV shows that you can find on just about every channel today by at least ten years or so, excluding of course, Dark Shadows.

At the heart of the show is the central character, a vampire named Nick Knight. He became a police detective in Toronto in the early 90's (this TV show was based in Canada). Even though it is a "cop" show set in a country outside the U.S. it is still highly enjoyable even if you are in the U.S. or somewhere else in the world.

The Forever Knight TV Show was a show all about the life of Nick Knight, AKA: Nicholas de Brabant. Originally he was a warrior in the 13th century that was later transformed into a vampire in the year 1228 (in Paris). As it turns out, 800 years later he seeks redemption for his past deeds and wants to become human again.

Forever Knight was the original vampire detective show and was also one of the first weekly vampire TV shows. As it turns out Nick is on a never ending quest to regain his humanity. The entire show is set in Toronto, Canada, but don't let that fool you.

Every show is narrated by the vampire, D.J. LaCroix. He is, if you will, Nick's own personal devil. The show is worth watching, if for no other reason, than just for LaCroix's dialog alone. It is dark and creepy, and points out the utter pointlessness of trying to regain that which you have lost along the way.

As in most shows on TV, love triangles do develop during several points in the TV show. The most prominent of these is the one that happens between Natalie Lambert, Nick, and Divia. Divia the vampire is much sexier than Natalie, so she is another really great reason for many to watch the show. She represents to Nick everything he is, so he has come to despise her and everything she represents. This is a real tragedy some believe because she is a lot sexier than Natalie. There are no real overarching or extravagant story plots here. But what is great about this TV show is that you can sit down with a bowl of popcorn and a few of your friends and pretty much watch the show at any point in the Forever Knight TV Show series and not be lost.

Overall the Forever Knight TV Show was not a brilliant one, but there were some very good performances by the actor Geraint Wyn Davies, who portrayed Nick. This vampire TV show, Forever Knight, only lasted three seasons, from 1992 to 1996, but it did have a significant influence on the development of other vampire detective TV shows like Angel and even later, Moonlight.

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