I Am Legend Movie

One of my favorite vampire flicks is the I Am Legend movie. The movie is heavily influenced by a book of the same name. The movie stars Will Smith as Robert Neville, the main character and hero of the movie.

The movie starts with Will driving a sports car through the empty roads of New York city and this alone is intended to stir curiosity as the streets are never empty but here is Will driving fast and there is no other human in sight. And then suddenly there are deer on the roads and Will is trying to make a kill – apparently for dinner.

The story unfolds in a first person tale with Will explaining that he is the last human left on the planet and the whole human race has been wiped out by a virus that mutated. The virus was created in a lab to treat cancer but it mutated and got out of control.

Our hero, Will Smith, is an army officer and he was in charge of containing the spread of the virus and fails to do so. In a last ditch attempt to save the uninfected they are being evacuated and Robert convinces his wife to take his daughter and leave and he stays behind.

Just as the helicopter is about to close the door his daughter hands him their dog – still a puppy. As the helicopter takes off a person jumps on it, apparently to board it and the helicopter crashesI Am Legend movie

So, here is our hero all alone. All the infected have lost all humanity, they eat each other and everyone else, they have become animals and have thus ceased to be humans. Robert is always on the lookout for the infected people and kills them or captures them to study and try to find a cure for the disease.

He maintains a very high tech lab in his basement and is trying to find a cure. His only companion is his dog - a German Shepherd. He notes in his meticulously maintained study notes how the infected are gaining in strength and how they are able to now withstand sunlight, something they were unable to do earlier.

In an incident, the infected people, showing uncanny wits lay a trap for Robert and although he escapes unharmed his dog gets bitten by the infected dogs and Robert has to kill her – he kills her by strangling her with his bare hands! Will does a great job in this terrible and sad scene - with no words at all.

In his hopelessness he goes out at night, and tries to kill as many of the infected people as he possibly can by running them over by his car. But he is soon overwhelmed and is only saved - in the nick of time - by another uninfected girl and a kid who had heard his daily radio broadcasts throughout the I Am Legend movie and had come looking for him.

At first, skeptical, he starts to trust her but is taken aback when she declares that she and the boy are going out to a rumored safe heaven where the survivors have a base of sorts. That night the infected people attack his house – they had followed him and the girl to his home and now they attack.

Robert, the woman and the boy do all they can to kill the infected and ward off the attack but in the end they realize that they have to flee and go to the basement lab. Here Robert finds that one of the infected girls that he had captured earlier is showing signs of recovery!

Realizing their plight there in the basement, with no basic route of escape, he hands the lady visitor a blood sample from the infected girl as he stays behind to fend off the attackers so that the lady and the boy can escape. He then faces the attackers with a hand grenade in his hand.

The I Am Legend movie ends with the lady and boy reaching the rumored survivors camp and handing the blood sample to those in charge and thus implying that hope is restored because of Roberts work! The movie is superbly shot and beautifully directed. And Will Smith plays his part superbly, you really feel for him and share in his hopelessness and loneliness throughout the film.

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