Interview with the Vampire

My favorite vampire book would have to be Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice. Anne Rice, in my opinion, is one of the world's greatest living authors. Her vampire chronicles outline the life of a vampire, and discards the many vampire myths, even shattering many of them. Her first novel was written shortly after the tragic loss of her daughter.

She's written several great novels, including the Vampire Lestat, The Witching Hour, and The Mummy, or Ramses The Damned. New Orleans, however, is the setting of this book (IWTV) which follows the 200 year life of the vampire Louis as he tells a reporter, Daniel, his story. Louis' story begins in the late 1700's when he is still mortal and hating life.

Louis is extremely unhappy after the death of his family and seeks comfort in women and alcohol. Louis eventually catches the eye of the vampire named Lestat who seeks him as a companion.

Lestat is a French aristocrat with no regard for human life who thinks Louis will make a suitable companion for immortality. Later Lestat gives Louis the choice of joining him in immortality to which Louis accepts. It is not long afterward that Louis begins to hate himself and the nature of the vampire.

He still has respect for human life and hates feeding upon them. He soon begins to hate Lestat's bloodthirsty nature and soon considers leaving him. Lestat, fearing Louis will abandon him, turns a young girl into a vampire to bait him into staying.

The young girl described in "Interview with the Vampire", Claudia, becomes a type of daughter figure to the two vampires. Louis loves her and the two develop a deep bond. The three live as a family for nearly a lifetime before trouble starts brewing.

Claudia struggles with her self image. Turned into a vampire at a very young age Claudia is not fully developed and becomes obsessed with the female form and womenly things. She grows to resent Lestat for turning her before she had a chance to become a woman and eventually kills him. Louis is upset about the death of his maker, but loves Claudia profoundly. The two leave New Orleans and travel together in search of other vampires. Their search is fruitless until they reach Paris where they find a small coven of vampires headed by a leader named Armand.

Shortly afterward, Lestat (having survived Claudia's attempt at his life) meets the pair in Paris and accuses her of murder in front of the coven. The coven tells them that the only crime among vampires is to kill another vampire. Claudia is forced to endure the sunlight for her crime which kills her.

Louis, distraught, travels with Armand, but can never really recover from loosing Claudia. Eventually Louis goes back to New Orleans alone and becomes a recluse. He lives this way for many years. This then brings the story back to the beginning, the actual interview process.

Daniel, the reporter, later begs Louis to turn him into a vampire. Louis becomes angry that Daniel has learned nothing from his story and attacks him, leaving him unconscious on the floor. That is the Interview with the Vampire novel in a nutshell.

Trust me when I say, Interview with a Vampire is more exciting than Twilight, better than Vampire Diaries, and is a great read on a dark, cold Halloween night. I have always loved this book!!! It had sex, death, adventure, and humor, on Lestat's part.

Lestat is indeed the infant terrible. He is a rock star, a diva, a spoiled man child who knows no boundaries, and won't accept the word NO. That is why readers fall madly in love with him. You want to hate him, but simply can't. I encourage everyone who hasn't picked up an Anne Rice novel to do so, and become a convert!

Interview with a Vampire, The Vampire Lestat and the rest of the Vampire Chronicles novels are all excellent reads! If you have only seen the Interview with the Vampire film, do yourself a favor and read the book - Interview with the Vampire, the novel by Anne Rice has so many more details not even touched on in the movie - and I'm sure you'll love it too.

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