Let The Right One In

Have you seen "Let The Right One In? In the vampire movie genre, I’d say that it is one of my new favorites. It’s about a little boy called Oskar in Sweden. A little girl moves in next to him who turns out to be a vampire.

I like this movie because it’s got a lot to do with their friendship as well as obviously her being a vampire. I enjoyed watching it because you don't often see true friendships between humans and vampires in the media.

Often the human is subservient to the vampire or there is a sexual facet to it (as there is with the whole genre you could argue) but here you can see them becoming better friends and dealing with the troubles she had being a vampire, and it's really sweetly platonic, even when he asks her to be his girlfriend.

It’s quite unusual I think in regards to the themes because it doesn’t romanticize being a vampire. She has a really terrible time and bad things happen and it’s nice that you can see her get happier with the new friend she makes, and you can see a similar thing in Oskar because she turns out to be the end to his loneliness. They’re both different and so you really believe that they’d form that sort of relationship.

Because of this, it’s probably the only vampire movie I’ve watched that looks like it could really happen. Unlike Dracula, which has a melodramatic air to it which makes it more like a show than a study in childhood and friendship. There are also a lot of really dark undertones to the film that make the film buff in me happy. I think anyone who likes good thrillers would also be interested in this film because there is a definite sense of tension throughout the film. Parts are genuinely frightening because they are so stark.

One of the first scenes in Let The Right One In shows a man tying a man up and slitting his throat cleanly, because clearly he has done this thousands of times before. You learn later that the man is collecting the blood for the girl and it’s unsettling because there’s a fatherly sort of connection we see, and in contrast to the murders he does for her, it raises loads of moral questions. Similarly, near the end we see the murders of a group of youths who bullied Oskar at the hands of the young vampire. This struck me as quite a truthful piece of film making, as when Oskar learns this he just smiles. There is no moral struggle because he is a child and she, as a friend, has gotten rid of those who have tormented him for years. In the same position I believe many might even react similarly.

I like that; all of the reactions in the film, Let The Right One In, seem true to life. It makes it seem so much more grounded than other films, and really so much more frightening too because it seems that it is plausible. I would recommend it to anyone who thinks they don’t like vampire films, because really this is a horror movie based on loneliness. And that’s a topic nearly everyone can relate to.

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