Mick St John

One of my very favorite vampires is Mick St John. He is one that I am sure very few people have ever heard about before. He was the private-eye vampire hero of a short-lived television series called Moonlight that aired from 2007 to 2008.

Mick is a reluctant vampire — after 50 years of vampire life, he has never stopped wanting to be human again. He misses food and sunbathing - in this world, vampires are not burned to a crisp by sunlight; they ARE weakened by the sun, but it will not kill them out right, so spend most of his days are spent sleeping in refrigerators.

But as a “man” who has to earn his living, Mick does spend time in the daylight. He was a private detective before he became a vampire, and he has continued in that profession on Moonlight.

Mick St John was portrayed by Alex O'Loughlin, a tall, dark-haired “hunk” of an actor with eyes that seem to be dark blue sometimes, green or grey other times, but are listed on some websites as “hazel”. Whatever color they are, those eyes are definitely the windows to his vampire soul.

Mick is in love with Beth Turner (in the person of lovely blonde-haired, cornflower-blue-eyed Sophie Myles). Mick has been protecting Beth since she was four years old when he rescued her from a vampire.

Beth’s mother has asked Mick, the private eye, to find her kidnapped daughter, and as it turned out, Beth had been kidnapped by Mick’s vampire wife, Coraline, the person who turned Mick into a vampire in the first place. (Coraline turned him on their wedding night, taking his vow to love her forever to an extreme he would never have imagined!) Anyhow, Coraline kidnapped Beth so that she and Mick could have a vampire family — Mick always wanted to have children but Mick did not want to create a family by kidnapping someone else’s child! So, Mick rescues Beth, killing Coraline in the process. (Or did he? That is one of the plot twists in the series.)

So, Mick watches over Beth from that day forward. At this point she is around 26 and Mick St John is 80 but looks about 30. Beth has grown into a beautiful woman, and is working as a reporter for BuzzWire, a television news show. We meet them and they “meet” each other when Beth is investigating “vampire” murders that are not being committed by a vampire at all — but Mick rescues Beth once again, and their face-to-face relationship begins.

She becomes intrigued by the detective and by the man, and slowly falls in love with him, too, despite the fact that she has discovered that he is a vampire. Actually, that may be part of what attracts her at first, but in the long run, she loves him for the man he is and has always been underneath it all.

Their relationship is complicated by Beth’s relationship with Josh, a police detective, by the beliefs of his vampire-mentor, Josef, and by Mick’s fear of loving anyone/trusting anyone again — after all, being forcibly turned into a vampire on one’s wedding night could have a negative effect on one’s future love life. All in all, Moonlight is wonderfully romantic — Mick positively smolders! — and the mysteries are fun, as well.

I hope you love Mick St John as much as I do — having seen all but a few episodes on television reruns recently, I admit, I'm hooked, and had to buy the series. He is a vampire

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