New Moon

My niece's favorite book in the Twilight Saga is New Moon, which is the second book in the series. It is written by Stephanie Meyer. The book begins with Bella’s birthday, which she hates because she’s getting older and Edward, being a vampire, does not age.

Against her wishes, Edward’s family throws Bella a large birthday party. While opening a present, Bella cuts her finger and starts to bleed. Jasper, one of the Cullens, smells her blood and tries to attack her. Edward restrains him and Carlisle (the father) later fixes Bella’s injuries.

A few days later Edward decides it is too dangerous to be with Bella and he and his family leaves, and he tells her it will be as if he never existed. Bella literally falls apart and spends the night in the woods delirious until she is found by her father and Jacob Black’s family.

For a large part of the New Moon novel she is depressed. In fact, for the next several months she remains this way until she starts becoming closer to Jacob Black. As it turns out, Jacob Black and several of his friends can turn into wolves - just as in the story he told Bella about how vampires and werewolves don’t get along.

Bella starts spending time with Jacob which it turns out is good for her, but she starts to become a daredevil, doing dangerous things so she sees hallucinations of Edward telling her to be safe. One day she goes “cliff diving”, the most dangerous thing she can think of. She nearly drowns and Jacob rescues her. That very night Alice Cullen appears at Bella’s house and says she had a vision of Bella jumping off a cliff and killing herself. She says that Edward thinks Bella is dead and has gone to the Volturi (a dangerous group of vampire royalty in Italy) to ask them to kill him. He feels he cannot live without Bella.

Bella and Alice - against Jacob’s wishes – go to Italy to stop Edward from going to the Volturi. The three have to meet with the Volturi who say that if Bella is not eventually turned into a vampire, they will kill her because she knows too much for a human and they allow her to leave - this time.

Once back home, Edward realizes he was wrong to leave Bella and decides he won’t leave again. Jacob Black is hurt that Bella chose Edward over him when he was there for her during her depression causing hard feelings for him toward Edward.

This book was my nieces favorite in the series because of how vividly Bella’s depression was written, and it was easy to relate to. She also loved her friendship and potential relationship to Jacob as he brought out the best in her and would be a good match for her. I enjoyed New Moon too but just not as much as she did.

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" I decided as long as I was going to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly." -- Edward Cullen, Twilight