Shadow of the Vampire

Out of the list of all the vampire films possible, I would have to say my favorite would be Shadow of the Vampire. As a fan of the 1922 silent film Nosferatu, it was interesting to see the depiction of what possibly went on behind the scenes.

Although it wasn't meant to be taken as a completely true story, it was a very interesting take on the actor Max Schreck and how deep into the role of the vampire he was in, so far as to murder members of the crew. Willem Dafoe did one of the most amazing performances I had ever seen him in to date, and I truly couldn't see anyone else in this role doing it as well as he did.

I watched this movie without prior research and honestly couldn't tell who the lead actor was until the credits rolled. The movie has a phenomenal cast including John Malkovich and Catherine McCormick. It was very well acted and truly kept me in suspense throughout the entire film.

Growing up as a kid, I was always very frightened by the classic image of Nosferatu, and with the realistic take on the old classic, it reignited that fear and at times even induced goosebumps throughout my body. Childhood memories can be so scary and intense - even as an adult!

If you are interested in watching something a little different in a genre that has been done time and time again, you would definitely be making a fantastic choice. Between the acting and writing, however, and the overall element of suspense this film provides, you will be quite happy you gave Shadow of the Vampire a chance. Although I do warn you, if you are easily squeamish or frightened, take precaution.

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