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The Gates, after True Blood, has got to be one of the best vampire shows on TV. It is my opinion that it was too quickly canceled, but then I thought Moonlight was one of the better shows at that time too, so apparently I really like TV shows that are bound to be canceled.

Anyway, this TV show follows a Sheriff from his arrival to the end of the series. Slowly over several episodes, he realizes that the Posh neighborhood he is living in, the Gates, is populated with non-humans, and once humans. Due to the truncated nature of the show we don't get to find out everyone's secrets, but in short order we do realize that there are both vampires and werewolves living in the Gates, as well as some folks with issues.

Issues? How about a deputy who's boyfriend ripped her heart out, it is implied, although we never get to see it, that her heart is kept in reliquary style box in her home. There is also a doctor who caters to the natural and supernatural alike and a beautiful wicked witch with plenty of charisma who runs a day spa.

The sheriff's kids get comfy in their new town right about the time mom figures out what's going on and flips out. A baby succubus starts leeching the life off of the teenage son and that is when things start to get REALLY crazy an a little out of hand.

I admit as TV shows go the last episode of The Gates seemed kinda like stuffing a half a season into one show, but the facts are that the make up was great, the special effects were above average for this sort of thing and they didn't waste a lot of money on crazy things that will look stupid in a few years, like they did on the Dresden Files.

The Vampires next door have an adopted daughter the same age as the Sheriff's daughter and they quickly become best friends. When the Vampires decide that their daughter is old enough to know that they are vampires, there is a kitchen table sort of discussion and she pipes up with she knows, and can she ask any questions.

They agree and she wants to know if they will ever get old. The vampires keep their blood in the wine cellar, he is a boss at a research lab so they don't have to kill to get their blood. However, mommy vamp has impulse control issues and periodically will accidentally kill someone, including a traveling salesman who had an untimely accident in their front yard in the very first episode.

So, if you ever wondered what it would be like if vampires, werewolves, succubi, etc. were real, people still didn't believe in them, and they wanted to try to live as if they were normal people instead of on the fringes of humanity, then The Gates TV Show has done an excellent job in managing to capture it.

From the filmy witch costumes, to the wolves running about on the hunt, to the sorrow and resentment which comes from hunters shooting wolves who are men, this vampire-werewolf-human-nonhuman suburban landscape was definitely a great place to visit every week. So do yourself a favor and watch it yourself as soon as possible.

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