Thierry Descouedres - Night World Series

According to the author L.J. Smith, Thierry Descouedres is the first vampire ever. He was made, or bitten, by Maya who is obsessed with him. Thierry has already lived a hundred thousand years and his Soulmate is a girl named Hannah Snow.

In the pages of the Night World Series, he was known as Theorn back then, and met Hannah, which is Hana of the Three rivers back then, when he was transforming into a vampire and hunting for food. The people in Three Rivers thought of him as a monster, hence putting him in prison, but Hana freed him.

As a result an outbreak was set causing Theorn to actually kill people at the tribe including his soul mate Hana - he had nearly drained her when he realized what’s he’d done. As he regained his self control he brushes Hana with his thumb that is full of blood not knowing that in her many lives to come she would be wearing that mark.

Thierry Descouedres then went to a good and powerful witch to ask her to have Hana reincarnated and for him be put to sleep until Hana is reincarnated. There were many lifetimes that Thierry, now a powerful vampire known as Lord Thierry, had managed to find Hana in different countries with different nationalities, names and status.

But he cannot get close enough because Maya, who is the mother of all vampire, keeps interfering and killing Hana until the cycle breaks where Hana, now Hannah Snow - looking exactly like Hana of the Three Rivers, was able to find Thierry Descouedres and they are able to kill Maya at last.

Thierry, being a very powerful vampire, is not afraid to show that he can love through time and belong to only one girl. He would do everything in his power to protect Hannah and loved her so much that he gave her a choice to decide what path she wants to take.

Hannah refused to turn into a vampire but wants to die old with Thierry and to live again until they find each other once more. The Lord of the Night or the Lord of Circledaybreak vowed to wait and to look for his Soul mate every lifetime.

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