Thomas of The Dresden Files

One of my favorite vampires is Thomas of The Dresden Files. Chances are high that you have never heard of him before. The Dresden Files, a series of 14 books, was even turned into a TV show on the SciFi channel but only appeared for one season but has since been cancelled. Sadly, the character of Thomas Raith wasn't even in the show.

During the course of the novels we find out that Thomas is the half brother to the main character of this book series, Harry Dresden, a magician and private investigator.

They have an interesting relationship as half brothers and Harry even has a few nick names for Thomas because of his overwhelming good looks - such as, "the High Priest of Bowflex" or, my personal favorite, "the Lost Greek God of Body Cologne".

As it turns out Thomas is a white court vampire. I like him because he is conflicted, and isn't a slave to his power. White court vampires are much cooler than red court vampires. Red court vampires in these books from the Jim Butcher book series, The Dresden Files, have ugly faces when their masks are off.

White court vampires are very good looking, and are very strong. White court vampires usually feed by seduction. In one of the novels, instead of feeding off of people, and killing them, Thomas opened up a hair salon, and was able to feed off of the people briefly while styling their hair. This didn't have any lasting effects on them, so it was a win win situation for everyone involved.

Thomas of The Dresden Files tried to keep all of that as a secret from his brother Harry, but eventually Harry found out anyway. Eventually, Thomas abandoned the salon life style, and went back to his old ways of being just a "plain" old vampire.

Thomas has a girlfriend that he almost killed, by losing control of his power. Whenever the court vampires draw on their power, it awakens their hunger, and they can lose control to their hunger - and that can be bad. The incident with his girlfriend is why Thomas decided to open his hair salon (as mentioned earlier), so he could be fed in small doses, so it would be harder for him to lose control.

Thomas also appears in several other books in The Dresden Files, such as Dead Beat, Blood Rites, Turn Coat and Changes. So if you are looking for an interesting read, something out of the ordinary and filled with characters that are both human and supernatural, then you might want to check out The Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher.

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