Twilight Eclipse

If you haven't seen Twilight Eclipse yet, then you really need to! It is the third movie in a series of movies based on the Twilight novel series by Stephanie Meyer.

The movie is about the relationship of a vampire, Edward Cullen, and the human girl he loves, Bella Swan. The story takes place in Forks, Washington, a town where it is rainy and overcast often, and the sun rarely shines - a perfect location for vampires!

Edward is part of a "family" of vampires who are vegetarians - they are morally opposed to feeding on humans and feed on animals instead. Edward and Bella are in love and have faced many obstacles including a pack of werewolves (turns out, they are really shape shifters), that are the mortal enemies of the vampires.

Bella is good friends with Jacob, a member of the wolf pack. He is in love with Bella, but Bella is in love with Edward. Hence the stress and the underlying love triangle between the three main characters as further developed in this Twilight Eclipse movie.

Edward and Bella are also in danger from the Volturi, a group of ancient vampires in Italy that are the leaders of all vampires on Earth. The Volturi are concerned that Edward has fallen in love with a human. They want Bella to become a vampire, something to which Bella is receptive, but Edward is against.

Edward Cullen Vampire family is threatened when a group of new vampires come to their area and start killing loads of people all over. Turns out, they want to kill Bella too, based on their mysterious makers intent.

The Cullen's can't fight this army of new vampires alone, so they enlist the help of the wolf pack. Tensions are very high between Edward and Jacob, because they both love Bella. However, they must work together in the common goal of protecting her.

The Twilight Eclipse movie is pretty close to perfect as far as I am concerned: it has romance, action, drama, and funny moments too. The special effects and use of CGI is amazing. You need to watch the first two movies, Twilight, and Twilight: New Moon, first, and preferably read the Twilight books.

However, once you become involved in the storyline, you will become addicted and find the movies very intense and entertaining! The real draw to the movie is the relationship of Edward and Bella. It's so amazing! Although, you may find yourself rooting for Bella and Jacob.

There's a rivalry among Twilight movie fans: Team Edward or Team Jacob. When you see both of them, you'll find it hard to choose! Both guys are amazingly hot in very different ways! Overall, you HAVE to watch this movie and the two other ones too!

They are NOT just for teenagers either! Your guy may even get into it! The action and competition between the two groups has made my husband a "twi-hard" fan for life! I know my mom and I already are.

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" I’m the world’s best predator, aren’t I? Everything about me invites you in — my voice, my face, even my smell. As if I need any of that!" -- Edward Cullen, Twilight