Underworld Evolution

One of my favorite vampire movies is Underworld Evolution. It's not like every other vampire movie out there which it attracted to me in liking it so much, this movie deals with the action of a different kind, while other vampire films deal with angst of being a vampire and the problems that come with it which sometime gets boring after a while.

First of all, Underworld Evolution starts off with there being a feud between lycans (werewolves) and vampires. So the beginning of this movie shows us how it all started and how both species came to exist. In the beginning of Underworld Evolution, set in 1202 A.D, the film starts off with an army of vampires trying to capture the first and most powerful lycan named William, who's related to Markus, the first vampire, who's army was to created to keep his brother from causing any more destruction.

Next, we go into a modern day setting, with the main character, Selene, who was once a death dealer, as a vampire on the run due to her past actions. She killed one of the vampire elders, Viktor. Why? It turns out that Viktor tried to kill Michael, a lycan-vampire hybrid that Selene has fallen for in the process.

In the Underworld Evolution movie Viktor frowned upon this - two different species coming together, so he decided to go after him and as a result Selene killed him during battle. Now Selene and Michael are on the run. Markus, who is an elder and was asleep previously for many years, awakens with the purpose of trying to release his brother Markus from his prison.

The main problem then becomes that Markus needs to find out where the location of his brothers prison is. The only person who knew the location of his brother's prison was Selene. When she was young her father built the prison that currently enslaves his brother William.

Selene realizes that Markus is awake and is after them, so goes for help from a fellow vampire she outcasted many centuries ago. His name is Tanis and he tells her the whole vampire-lycan feud story and exactly what Markus wants. After she leaves, Markus shows up to Tanis’ place seeking out the information on Selene from him and then, of course, killing him afterwards.

Selene and Michael go to Markus’ father, Alexander Corvinus, who still loves his sons but not enough not to kill them despite all the trouble they have caused. Selene stands up in wanting to defeat Markus; Alexander tells her that she is not strong enough for him so he offers up his blood so she could be strong and as ready to face Markus.

As it turns out, Markus faces off with Michael who he impales on a pole, killing him and then also frees William from his prison. As always, war brews up, Selene and Markus face off, Michael comes back to life, joins the fight and kills William. Then Selene finally kills Markus by pushing him into a crashed helicopter’s spinning blades.

The battle is over and it is now daylight in the Underworld Evolution movie. But as the morning daylight streams into the war torn cavern we notice that the sun doesn’t harm Selene anymore - she embraces its warmth with Michael at her side.

The Underworld Evolution movie has exactly what I like in a film - plenty of action which is great every time, an ever growing story plenty of drama to keep things intact, wonderful effects and even a love story. So, because of all of that, this is one of my favorite vampire movies out there and I couldn’t ask for more. Definitely try it out yourself.

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