Vampire Diaries Mythology

How up are you on the Vampire Diaries Mythology? The Vampire Diaries is one of the ultimate TV shows about vampires and their "interfacing" with humans. Each of the vampires looks like a "regular human" but some characteristics (as shown in this television show) make them very different from humans and are special to this vampire series alone - creating their own Vampire Diaries myths.

For example:

• they drink human blood which is their power source,
• their "life" is much longer than a humans (thousands of year),
• their wounds heals automatically in a few minutes,
wood is only thing by which they can be hurt,
vervain is a type of poison for them,
• they are too stronger and faster than human,
• they can run really fast,
• they can convert a human into vampire by feeding their blood to a human,
• they can modify a human's memory and can take control of a humans mind,
• they cannot enter in any home until they take permission from owner,
• they don't have children...
converting humans into vampire is only way to increase their numbers,
• a werewolf bite is enough to kill them and there is no cure for it.
• They can't go outside in sunlight without a special ring to protect them from sun rays.

Main characters of the show who help the Vampire Diaries Mythology move right along are Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Katharine and Elena. Damon and Stefan are vampires and brothers too. Elena is Katherine's doppelganger but it turns out that Katharine is a vampire while Elena is a human being.

Other characters of the show are Bonnie (Elena’s best friend and a powerful witch), Jeremy Gilbert (Elena’s brother), Jenna (Elena’s aunt), Caroline (Elena's other best friend), and Tyler (a werewolf and also Caroline’s friend) among a host of others.

Damon and Stefan were converted into vampires by Katharine. Katherine loved both brothers and turned them both into vampires. After hundreds of years Stefan sees Elena in high school and falls into love with her and that’s how the TV show begins.

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white oak tree Not rated yet
if an original vampire dies (with wood of the white oak tree) the whole bloodline (who's been turned by one of them) dies

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"The role seemed to demand that I keep myself worked up to fever pitch, so I took on the actual attributes of the horrible vampire, Dracula." -- Bela Lugosi