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Concerning The Vampire Diaries, I often hear, "This tv show is amazing!", especially from teenage fans. It's based on a book series by L.J. Smith. It's now the CW, and produced by Kevin Williamson (Dawson's Creek, Scream, etc.) so it's kind of like Dawson's Creek meets vampires! Do you watch Vampire Diaries?

It's centered around 3 main characters: Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore (brothers) and Elena Gilbert. The show begins with Stefan and Elena meeting at school, she is still grieving from the loss of her parents in a car crash. She is an avid writer and records her thoughts in her journal. He is handsome, kind, wordly and mysterious; so of course she is drawn to him.

The Vampire Diaries show is set in a small town called Mystic Falls, VA. Elena has 2 best friends, Bonnie and Caroline. The first few episodes are about Elena being intrigued by some of the odd things she has seen lately; such as a crow and fog in the graveyard where she is journaling and visiting her parents. She is also intrigued by Stefan and is eager to get to know him better.

One of the things the show does well is not to let the viewers know the answers to the mystery first thing; it lets you speculate and figure it out as you go with interesting clues. Soon after they meet, mysterious deaths start to occur and we see Stefan struggling to understand them and viewers start to wonder: is he the cause? Then his brother Damon appears.

Damon is the darker, more dangerous brother. We learn about the strife between the 2 brothers and how Damon plans to wreak havoc in Stefan's life and in Mystic Falls. We learn that Stefan is the "good vampire" who does not kill humans, but lives on the blood of animals. He is brooding, torn between this way of life of restraint for him and his past. The actor (Paul Wesley) does a good job of showing this struggle. Vampire Diaries mythology has fantastic character development. Each season brings about new mysteries: witches, werewolves, romance, love, sex, murder, loss, grief, fear, friendship and growth.

The other characters are interesting as well; we get introduced to a mysterious English teacher who eventually becomes the town's Vampire Hunter; a best friend who learns of her magic powers; vampires who return from Stefan and Damon's past to wreak havoc on the small town and its residents; a teenage werewolf who discovers his family's history and curse.

The dialogue is fun, sometimes campy, and sometimes hilarious. Damon provides for some great comic relief in the center of a big scary moment. The vampire verse created by this show allows for more experimentation of what vampires can do (they can walk in the sun with the Salvatore family crest rings) and what they can't do (fall in love with humans?

Wait, er no, they CAN do that too!:) The show also introduces Katherine, a centuries old vampire who (gasp!) looks just like Elena. Why? Well the show lets us try and figure that out. Turns out, Stefan and Damon have both loved Katherine and (of course, she's a vampire) she turns them against each other. This love triangle has the potential to repeat itself again.

Elena struggles to understand WHY Katherine looks like her and why she is "the doppleganger", and why "Original Vampires" want her....blood? Life? We aren't sure why yet when the show starts, but it's soo much fun finding out! The scenes of this show are filmed beautifully. They even have great flashback scenes to Civil War times where we get to see the origin of the love triangle between Stefan-Damon-Katherine. Watch Vampire Diaries to learn more about the show for yourself!

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