Ever Watch a Vampire TV Show?

Do you like vampires? Have you ever watched a Vampire TV Show? If you haven't and wonder if there are any of these immortal creatures on television, then let me take this opportunity to reassure you that you bet your "sweet fangs" that there are several TV shows on today (and in the re-runs too) that have vampires as main characters.

And I'm not really even talking about all the vampire themed movies that you can watch on just about every channel. The topic of this page is based primarily, front and center, on only those vampire televisions series, or about television shows that have re-occuring characters that just happen to be a vampire or deal with vampires on a frequent basis.

Sometimes these vampires might be good, sometimes they might be bad - but mostly it seems that vampires switch back and forth between the two extremes from time to time. But that makes them more interesting to watch if you ask me. And they are almost always entertaining and fun to watch. I know I have several shows - guilty pleasures of mine, that I will watch over and over whenever I find them on TV.

And maybe you don't like to watch horror films or scary TV shows. Maybe you prefer sci fi, comedy, vampire anime, fantasy or maybe even romance. Well, let me assure you that it is very possible to find many different vampire televisions series that will also fit into any of these categories. And often the vampire series may fall into many of them.

Ever watched the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series? They easily swap back and forth from frightening to silly, to romance, to drama - even a musical (ala Glee) - and sometimes that was all in the same episode. So I would like to encourage you here, that, if you are not very aware of any Vampire Television Shows, then don't be so fast to "poo Poo" them here. Why not give them a try and I'll bet you can find one or more that you may really like.

And just because some of the main characters are vampires, don't be so quick to judge. Sometimes bad things just happen to good people - and any of these shows will easily show you how that just might be a possibility at any time - if not only in the fantasy world of television. Vampire TV Shows rock if you ask me! (Yeah, I know I am a bit prejudiced).

So, let's take a little time to explore our favorites (and not so favorite) Vampire TV Shows right now. Just below you'll find an ever expanding list of the vamp TV series that we will discuss in some detail - and who knows, maybe you'll find a few here that you like, and maybe even some that you love. Because, after all, just like vampires, some TV series can last in syndication forever. Enjoy - and let us know if we are missing any of your favorites and we'll do our best to add them ASAP!

Vampire TV Shows

• Dark Shadows (1966–1971,1991)

• The Little Vampire

• Count Duckula (1989–1993) - Animated

• Dracula: The Series (1990)

• Little Dracula (1991)

Forever Knight (1992–1996)

Kindred the Embraced (1996)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003)

Angel (1999–2004)

• The Hunger (1997–2000)

• Ultraviolet (1998)

• Vampire High (2001)

• Port Charles - ABC daytime serial (2001–2003)

• Blade: The Series (2006)

• School for Vampires (2006) German-Italian kids show

• Young Dracula (2006–2008) - CBBC Television Series

Blood Ties (2007-2008)

Moonlight (2007)

• The Lair (2007–2009)

• Vampire Knight (2008) - A Japanese romance/anime

True Blood (2008–present)

• Being Human, BBC (2008–present)

Vampire Diaries (2009–Present)

The Gates (2010)

SyFy Being Human (2010-present)

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