A Few Facts About "Being Human"

by Jerry

I love vampires! My favorite show ever is Being Human, I can't wait until the new season come back on! It's about a vampire who befriends a warewolf, they meet at a hospital they both work at.

They live in an old building that is being haunted by a ghost, who's husband killed her soon after they were married. It's pretty much just about their quarky lives and lots of crazy things come up with them not being human anymore, but trying to live human lives.

There is a large group of vampires that practically run the town, many are police officers. The main charactor doesn't want to have anything to do with them, as they kill people, but he can never seem to get away from them. And the warewolf is always trying to find ways to somehow explain to his family why he just up and left, and to not let them find out it was really because he is a warewolf.

They tend to think he is going crazy. And the ghost is always trying to find resolution, wanting her husband to suffer for her murder, and try to make sure her best friend knows how bad of a guy he is.

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