A Short Vampire History

by Thomas

When looking over vampires there are a lot of variations in the genre. Dracula is the basic design. From the early versions of his presentation others have gone in directions either gruesome or humorous.

Their origins are different but they share common traits. The universe the presentations are in are varied. Dracula is based in our world, with a little twist to the mythic.

Bram Stoker’s book set a scene that has been replayed over and over. Variations on a theme. But it is also the base that other legends are built on.

In the Josh Whedon universe where Angel, Spike and Buffy live vampires are demonic slivers in once living bodies. The world is filled with monsters and mysterious death is a common occurrence, whether by vampires or other monsters.

Angel’s inner conflict was magically induced. Spike seeks magical methods to be worth of Buffy’s love. Buffy is created as a superhero upon the death of the previous slayer.

An organization of Watchers follows the Slayer, directing them in their destruction of vampires. Conflict is on many levels as not all monsters in his universe are supernatural.

Vampires in the Anne Rice universe are based on the original sin of a demon in human form who transfers powers to its progeny. Lestat, the main character of her most popular books, is a tormented and manipulative creature who torments and tortures both his victims and his prey. But as the great anti-hero of the vampires he leads the vampires out in to the glare of public scrutiny, if only for a moment.

In her universe Rice also includes the Talamansca, an organization that researches the things that go bump in the night, vampires included. The universes of Bram Stoker, Josh Whedon, and Anne Rice have the most entertaining versions of vampire-kind from my personal point of view.

There are many other types of vampires in this wide sub-genre. Sadly I can’t stomach the Twilight universe vampires and the conflicts of Vampire and werewolves.

I also can’t stomach the sub-culture of vampire wishers who inhabit the dark corners of the live-action role playing universe based on the Whitewolf Games, though they have an interesting concept in their Masquerade of vampires hiding in plain sight.

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Dec 04, 2011
by: Kris

Interesting how you have laid this all out. You seriously did some thinking to tie this all together.

Great ideas but I almost wish you had went even further - maybe thats something to think about in "A Short Vampire History 2.0" ;0

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