Angel Will Keep Going ....

by Keran

My favorite vampire character is angel, he plays the vampire character so well and is different, angel is a vampire that is trying to help and kill the monsters, it is such a change to see a good vampire, not like peter cushing from years ago, where they just go out of a night and suck blood.

Angel, not only is he good looking, (if only i was thirty years younger), but plays a vampire differently, helping to fight the evil. i like angel it is so different and is still running not like some films and programs which have bit the dust, a series which never dies and the monsters that are included in the program, where humans and aliens live along side each other.

It is such a different concept, i think Angel will keep going for a long time because it is interesting and original, angel with his long dark coat and some of the scenes he has played with cordelia makes you hope he will marry her, but i do not think it will ever happen, but you know, cordelia and angel make an excellent team, he is so good looking and an excellent actor.

When i watch the program i am lost for an hour, and some of the scenes are so glossy, it makes it so interesting to watch, angel he has to drink pigs blood, so as not to look at us humans as food, (thank goodness), i think angel as a vampire is one of the most original vampires today, in the series he does run a business on killing the monsters that have over taken and i think it is so different, and really makes angel work, with his friends to help him in his quest of evil over good, and understanding the vampire world.

I know angel was a spin off from Buffy which does not seem to have lasted on the screen, i know angel the vampire will go on for a long time to come, angel is such a complex person, i do not know why a film has not been made of angel the vampire, i think it would be a hit, and now he has a son, it makes him more interesting, i think it brings out his soft side more in the program and makes angel more masculine and you feel drawn to him.

I think angel is one of the best vampire series that has been made and lasted on the screen, i do not know how old he is now in real life but this series of angel is one of the best, out of all the films and books about vampires angel is my favorite of all time, i think angel is a very interesting character and handsome vampire, i love watching him on screen, never tire of his program, he will definately be around a long time, which i am very pleased about.

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