Edward Cullen of the Twilight Series

by Penny

So my favorite vampire is Edward Cullen of the Twilight series. He is a sort of "vegetarian" vampire, as he does not drink human blood--he chooses to sustain himself purely on animal blood.

In Stephenie Meyer's fictional world (the author of the Twilight series), vampires' skin glitters in the sunlight, and their sense of smell is acutely aware of any changes in their environment. Her vampires also have superhuman strength, and some have special gifts. Edward has the ability to read minds.

Because vampires come about from being bitten by other vampires, they all have previous human lives. Edward was bitten when he was seventeen during the Spanish influenza epidemic, and is now more than a hundred years old in the stories. He was on the brink of death when his adopted father, Carlisle, bit him to save his life.

Biting a human to create a vampire takes a lot of self-control, as one has to withdraw a certain amount of blood but not so quickly that it would actually kill the person. Carlisle was sort of experimenting with the idea of intentionally creating more vampires himself, although Carlisle was unintentionally created and left for dead.

Edward often portrays more traditional values common in the time he grew up as a human, but is not necessarily seen as old-fashioned. He is unsure that he still has a soul but wants to do everything he can for the people he loves. He falls in love with a human girl and their relationship is the basis of the Twilight series.

It is an interesting relationship because she wants to become a vampire like him so she can live forever, but he does not want to risk taking away her soul just to be with him. Edward's vampire family are divided in their support of the relationship, although they all want the best for them, they have different ideas of what is best.

Edward's vampire world also has vampires from around the world, and they all have different ideas and viewpoints about what a vampire should do. Other vampires have no qualms about drinking human blood for sustenance , and Edward's family are some of the few who refrain.

Edward's eyes change color based on how "hungry" he is or how long it's been since he last ate. They are usually amber. Other vampires who live on human blood often have red eyes.

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