Embrace of the Vampire

Embrace of the Vampire is a vampire film written by Halle Eaton, Nicole Coady and Rick Bitzelberger. It was directed by Anne Goursaud and starring in lead roles are the actors Alyssa Milano and Martin Kemp.

This vampire film is centered on a college freshman by the name of Charlotte Wells played by Alyssa Milano and a Vampire played by Martin Kemp. Charlotte is caught up in a dark web of desires and intrigue and mystery and murderous intent spun by her handsome Vampire lover.

Charlotte must choose between her boyfriend Chris played by Harold Pruett or her vampire lover. In the Embrace of the Vampire movie, Charlotte is also faced with the dilemma of choosing between good over evil or right from wrong.

Her Vampire lover is quite the catch compared to her otherwise boring boyfriend (Chris). The vampire seduces Charlotte in her dreams at every given chance. The sultry sexual scenes are a far cry away from the normally sweet and innocent character of Charlotte as played by Milano throughout the film.

Nearing her 18th birthday her boyfriend Chris wants more from their relationship and decides that it is time for them to do so but Charlotte refuses saying she is not ready to. The vampire also tries everything to seduce Charlotte and even tries to use Sarah, played by Charlotte Lewis, to bring Charlotte into lesbianism.

Further along in the movie it is revealed that Charlotte is actually the reincarnation of a Princess from Transylvania who was, or is, the lover of her mysterious vampire suitor. The vampire needs to retain his power of eternal life but he needs to seduce Charlotte bringing her over to the dark side before her 18th birthday.

What many will like most about this vampire film is the many nude scenes showing the beautiful body of Alyssa Milano even though the movie itself was a bit corny and predictable. In the end it was however an okay romantic / horror flick - but not one that I myself would watch over and over.

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