Fright Night, 1985

by Jayme
(NV, US)

In August of 1985, just a few months shy of the Halloween Holiday movie season, I saw a film titled "Fright Night." I was intrigued by the idea of having a vampire for a neighbor, but upon watching the main character played by Chris Sarandon, I fell in love with the vampire himself.

How can you not put aside your fear when the vampire in question is so devestatingly handsome and charming, and goes by the harmless sounding name of Jerry Dandridge? With his dark, thick hair and incredibly dark brown eyes, Sarandon is the perfect actor to play this dual character.

At times he is exotically handsome and sultry, but when crossed by his teen neighbor Charlie Brewster, (played by Williams Ragsdale) he morphs into a fearsome and dangerous vampire who holds nothing back when it comes to removing any obstacles in his way towards getting what - or who he wants.

And vampire Jerry Dandridge wants teen beauty Amy Peterson, played demurely by actress Amanda Bearse. A rather sexy scene ensues as Vampire Dandridge stalks his teen desire in a dance club, where mirrors reveal his true condition. After a bit of dancing, Amy finds herself unable to avoid falling under the vampire's spell, and she returns to Dandridge's home only to be barely rescued in time by Charlie…but not with out a fight.

Has-been vampire fighter Peter Vincent, (played by Roddy McDowell), agrees to help rid Charlie's neighborhood of the Vampire Dandridge once and for all, but he does so only for the money. Once he realizes that the dark and sexy Dandridge is an honest-to-goodness blood-sucker, the rules have changed, and Vincent must put aside his fear and help the young Charlie rescue his young lady-friend and kill the vampire once and for all.

Many horror films that feature Dracula and/or his fellow undead, cast the lead vampire role with an actor whose looks are above normal, and who can play the part of seducer, but Director Tim Holland out did himself on this one. By far, Sarandon's protrayal of vampire Jerry Dandridge is one of the more memorable and sexiest vampires in all moviedom.

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