Fright Night 2011

Have you seen Fright Night 2011? I recently saw the remake of the 1985 vampire movie Fright Night. The plot of both movies are similar - a teen boy named Charley Brewster, has a new neighbor named Jerry Dandrige who happens to be a vampire. But this version of Jerry doesn’t look like your typical Halloween vampire.

In both, other residents of his neighborhood start vanishing and a teen boy seems to be the only person that believes that the new neighbor is involved. If Jerry looked more like the typical holiday vampire, people might have believed him sooner.

In the original Fright Night that boy is Charley Brewster, and tries to convince, everyone, even his friend Ed, that Jerry is a vampire. So he tries to enlist the help of an expert in the field of vampire study, who doesn’t believe him either.

In the original version the expert is television horror show host, Peter Vincent who plays a Van Helsing type vampire hunter. This makes many references to the original vampire classic Dracula.

In all earlier vampire movies the story line was the same. Vampire sees a woman that reminds him of lost love, hero tries to protect woman, with the help of a vampire hunter. Which holds true here, Jerry turns Charley’s friend Ed into a vampire, and kidnaps Charley’s girlfriend Amy, because she looks like his lost love? Since vampires are weak during the day he has a Renfield like, assistant to protect him while he sleeps, named Billy. Finally Peter becomes convinced that Jerry is a vampire when he can’t see his reflection in a small mirror. Charley and Peter go into Jerry’s house to rescue Amy and kill off Jerry the vampire.

In the remake, Fright Night 2011, it is Ed that tries to convince Charley that something is wrong. Charley ignores Ed’s fears, until his old friend becomes one of the missing. Charley goes to a Criss Angel looking Vegas magician named Peter Vincent, who does acts on vampire lore help but Peter kicks him out.

By making the magician the expert in the new movie it gave it a more mystical occult based story line. Jerry is a smarter vampire in this movie; he has holding cells in his home for the victims he grabs. He doesn’t rely on day time protection, so no misguided servant. But still following the original vampire Ed comes into play, attacking Charley and Amy with Jerry while he’s in Peter’s dressing room, Peter hides.

Charley ends up killing his friend Ed, while Amy holds off Jerry’s attacks. Charley and Amy get separated in the club, Amy ends up being bitten. Peter ends up telling Charley his back story about his family dying at the hands of vampires, and gives Charley a special stake that will reverse a vampire’s bite.

Eventually, Charley, wanting to save his girlfriend, goes to Jerry’s house where Peter decides to join him. Charley kills Jerry with the stake and Amy is returned to human. So if you get the chance, definitely check out Fright Night 2011 when it comes out on DVD.

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