Fun facts about vampires

Submitted By: Kayla,
New Jersey

Vampires hate garlic.

By: Matthew,
Granby Missouri USA

A witch has to spell a ring for a necklace to protect the vampire from the suns rays so they can go outside.

By: Alex,

Vampires can't see their reflections when in your house.

By: Robbie,

They have very long fangs that can become very large over time of them sucking on peoples and animals blood.

By: Emily,

Some vampire's eyes change colour.

By: Luke . ANDREW . DUNN,

What do they look like?

They have red eyes, sharp teeth and a pale face.

By: Anonymous

1. the sunlight only makes them weak.
2. they don't have to sleep in coffins.
3. when they are mad or hungry their eyes turn red.

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