HBO True Blood

Let's talk about a vampire show from HBO True Blood. True Blood is a show on HBO that is very risqué but also very entertaining. Just to warn you up front, there are a lot of violent situations and pretty graphic sexual encounters as well on the HBO True Blood show. This is pretty typical of a lot of HBO shows.

It follows the story of a waitress named Sookie Stackhouse in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. She lives in a world that is very aware of the existence of vampires who are constantly being ridiculed and segregated from the human population.

Sookie's life is virtually normal, despite the fact that she can read people's minds. The normality is broken when a vampire named Bill Compton enters her life. She acquires an attraction to him and is drawn in by his gentlemanly ways but also by his mysterious vampire lifestyle. They eventually become romantically involved.

This show by HBO, True Blood, is not only about Sookie, who is the main character, but about many other residents of Bon Temps. You meet Tara, a childhood friend of Sookie's who has no special powers but has a strong connection to Sookie and her brother Jason Stackhouse, who also plays a key role in the show.

Tara's cousin Lafayette, also human, is a cook at the restaurant that Sookie works at. He is a very strong yet flamboyant character who embraces the existence of vampires and likes to consume their blood as a drug called V. The owner/manager of the restaurant Merlotte's, which Sookie works at, is Sam Merlotte. He is a very likeable character who has a small crush and a soft spot for Sookie. You learn eventually in the show that he is a shape shifter and usually changes into a dog.

Along with the human residents of Bon Temps there are the vampires who either live near or in the small town and are associated with the main characters. At some point Sookie and Bill seek assistance and knowledge from the regional vampire sheriff named Eric Northman, who, at first, appears to be evil.

Eventually you learn that he has a very sad past and his intentions are not quite what you expect. He has a partner named Pam, who is also a vampire. Although she does not care for Sookie and Bill, and especially their relationship, she follows Eric's orders and stays back.

We eventually meet Sophie-Anne who is the vampire queen of the state of Louisiana and Russell, the vampire king of Mississippi. They also do not have pure intentions with Sookie and Bill, and humans in general. Russell believes that vampires are superior and should not be living in fear of human retribution.

Later on in the HBO True Blood series, Bill is punished for killing another vampire and is forced to create another vampire. This vampire's name is Jessica and she becomes Bill's protégé soon afterward.

All in all True Blood is very mesmerizing and once you've seen the first episode you don't want to stop watching. The characters and their stories are intriguing and to try to explain the show in a few paragraphs doesn't do it justice. This is one show that you definitely have to watch to understand why it is one of the most innovative programs on television today.

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