Vampires Online ?

Obviously you have an interest in vampires, information and culture, and you know what? You're in luck, because we have loads of information about these bloodthirsty creatures!

And just what is it about them that makes us love them so much in the first place? Well, maybe love isn't the best choice of words for us fans.... Maybe adoration? Fascination? Morbid curiosity? Well, you know what I mean, I'm pretty sure.

Personally I have been a fan of "the undead" in movies and books for a long, long time now - ever since I was a kid, many many years ago. And it seems that I have always been drawn to these undead beings for some reason - though I'm not exactly sure why. But I have to admit, with the advent of the internet, now I have loads of ways to get my vampire fix.

And it certainly wasn't because of good looks either (well, except maybe Frank Langella when he first portrayed Count Dracula back in 1979). Because my memories before that time were typically of Count Dracula, basically portrayed by Bela Lugosi.

Now I'm not saying that Lugosi was ugly or anything, because he really did look quite suave in his Dracula costume, but he's really just not my type. However, he did set the standard pretty high for all future actors who portrayed the Count and for all undead in general.

And Bela did a great job doing it too, because of all the actors to don the cape (or not in most of the more modern Dracula films) how many do you remember when you think of Count Dracula - other than Bela Lugosi? Which "immortal" character is firmly planted in your mind? And who portrayed him?

There are some other very interesting castings for the part of the Count Dracula in various other films, but I have to admit that I think Gary Oldman back in the 1992 remake of Dracula, would have to be my favorite of all. I simply loved that film overall, despite some less than great performances by Keanu and Winona (just my opinion).

But for now, the scope of this site will be to celebrate the legend online- and not just Count Dracula, but all the vampires we have today - as found in books and films and even on TV too. Modern vampires today are quite different than the undead creatures of even 30 years ago - but the thrill of them is probably at it's highest today thanks to the many movies and book series of even the past 10 years.

So for now, let's all take time and examine vampires. Who knows. By learning more about them, and our infatuation with them, we may learn even more about ourselves? And exactly what makes us human too. Hmmmmm.... So let's get started shall we?

If you are looking for anything to do with these legendary creatures of the night, including: costumes, stories, anime, becoming one, baby names (yeah, lots of people are looking for those), and top movies ... chances are you will find what you seek here ...