Interview With the Vampire Movie

Have you seen the Interview with the Vampire Movie? My favorite Anne Rice novel that was eventually turned into a movie, and arguably her greatest, is the Interview With a Vampire. Interview with a Vampire takes place first in Los Angeles, the scene between Louis (Main Character, hero of the story, played by Brad Pitt) and his young, impressionable interviewer, who's first encounter with a vampire is met with skepticism.

Louis dispels the Dracula myths of vampirism, acknowledges the truths, like the feeding on human blood, sleeping in coffins, afraid of the sun, etc. The one thing Louis conveys to his interviewer is basically that immortality sucks... sucks in a big way, which he begins to explain in vivid detail to his listener.

The second part of the Interview with the Vampire movie unfolds in New Orleans, where Louis was a plantation owner. Most readers at this point will get uncomfortable with the imagery of slavery, and how the two coexisted. Louis's wife dies, and he is in mourning, wanting to die himself.

He lives a somewhat debauched life until he comes into contact with Lestat (played by Tom Cruise), the blonde, ambitious anti hero of Rice's story. Lestat asks Louis what he wants, a Faustian move that intrigues Louis, who quickly jumps at the chance to meet face to face with death.

So Lestat kills Louis. Lestat feeds Louis his vampire blood, and Louis's life begins anew. Soon, very soon, it dawns on Louis that being a vampire requires certain risks that he would never had taken before his fangs grew in - and he regrets his choice before his new life has even started.

One risk, which is essential is taking human life and feasting on human blood. For a time Louis balks, and feeds only on rat blood, which of course get's the slaves talking, and soon, a revolt takes place. Lestat and Louis flee, burning down the plantation, moving out of New Orleans.

Soon enough, a third character comes into play into the Interview with the Vampire, a child named Claudia (played by Kirsten Dunst). Claudia is found in the slums, during a severe plague. She had just lost her mother, and is in fact herself, dying. Louis comforts the girl, but cannot pull himself to giving her the "blood gift".

Louis leaves her and Lestat instead does it to make Louis happy. Almost as a kind of gift for Louis. But bringing a vampire child to life? Turns out this was a mistake. A Big Mistake. Very Big mistake. A big vampire "No No".

So, as you can imagine, the gruesome threesome travel throughout Louisiana, feasting and living it up, but relations are soon strained, when Claudia questions her life. She is forever a blonde, beautiful porcelain girl, forever a young child, with two parents (Louis and Lestat) and the girl wants more. Claudia wants to grow up.

Well, Lestat grows impatient with Claudia's questions, and she soon rebels. As a result she poisons Lestat when Louis is forced to tell her about her origins, that she is indeed a child vampire and will never reach full maturity. So of course, all HELL breaks loose as the Interview with the Vampire Movie moves onward.

Louis confers to the interviewer of Claudia's dastardly deed, (second part of this story is quite uncomfortable for many who read it, because it involves the slaying of two young boys), with Lestat feasting on one child's neck, realizing, too late, that Claudia had poisoned the boys with absinthe.

Louis and Claudia flee to Paris, where they meet up with a Vampire named Armand (played by Antonio Banderas) and the Theater of Vampires. They know all about the Lestat drama and act accordingly, killing Claudia and sealing their own fates.

Afterward Louis roams the earth, as he explains to his interviewer (played by Christian Slater), for the next 100+ years, eventually returning to New Orleans, meeting Lestat again, making amends, and heading off for California, where the story ends.

So if you haven't seen it for yourself already, do yourself a favor and check out the Interview with the Vampire Movie

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"Lestat killed two, sometimes three a night. A fresh young girl, that was his favorite for the first of the evening. For seconds, he preferred a gilded beautiful youth. But the snob in him loved to hunt in society, and the blood of the aristocrat thrilled him best of all." -- Louis, Interview with the Vampire