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Do you know about the Moonlight series on TV? Moonlight was a show from 2007 featuring Alex O’Loughlin as Mick St. John, a fifty-year-old vampire currently living in modern Los Angeles. Working as a private investigator, Mick’s cases often bring him into conflict with other members of the undead living in the city under the unsuspecting eyes of regular mortals.

Mick is somewhat unique amongst vampires, as he struggles against his vampiric nature, consuming stored blood from hospitals rather than feeding upon the living. Mick shares a bond with Beth Turner, a mortal reporter whom Mick has been following and protecting for decades without her knowledge.

Eventually Beth discovers Mick’s vampire nature, and the revelation of the scope of vampire society is slowly revealed to her. The the vampires in Moonlight series are an amalgam of many different modern vampire interpretations, while sharing a number of similarities with classic vampire lore, living off blood, hiding from the daylight, and including sharing blood to spread the vampire state.

The bond between vampires is explored in the Moonlight series too, as most vampires are very close to their creators and some other close friends - in fact, Mick’s best vampire friend is a rich and powerful master manipulator, operating in plain sight of mortals. The relationship between them is one of strong friendship, though on occasion they do become playful antagonists.

For the most part, vampires can be found in high-echelon society, and cover the evidence of their action through hit-squads, media manipulation, and on occasion nefarious deeds. While not inherently "evil", the majority of vampires are ruthless, a trait that increases as they age and become increasingly disconnected from human ties.

However, the vampires in the Moonlight series have their own uniqueness. Sunlight is debilitating to the Moonlight vampires, but it will not kill them outright. Silver and fire are capable of destroying vampires, with silver incapacitating upon contact. Uniquely, the idea that vampires will not appear on film is related to whether or not the film stock is based upon silver emulsion.

The majority of the season followed Mick trying to uncover the truth behind the appearance of a woman resembling his former wife (and creator) Coraline. As he digs into this strange doppel ganger’s appearance, a conspiracy within vampire society is slowly uncovered, and a potential "cure" to the vampire state is revealed.

The existence of this cure serves to both attract allies and enemies. As it turns out differing factions of vampires seek to obtain, or destroy this ability to return to mortality.

Only lasting one season, the Moonlight series still managed to wrap up most of the pertinent story arcs before it’s abrupt cancellation. To this day, fans are die hard in petitioning the show’s resurrection, with new viewers adding their voices as the show is continually discovered on DVD and in reruns on TV.

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