My Accident With Bella

by Edward

"Do you still love me like the first day we met?" She asked after hours of questions and answers between us during dinner and now are way home. After I finished work at the hospital; got home to get ready for are special anniversary date, We found are beautiful and classic Victorian house close to both are sets of parents. So that they just like us could visit without miles and miles of road to see each other when ever we want seeing as we both are so close to are parents and in my case siblings as well.

Bella decided from the start to be a writing and stay at home mom but with her amazing agent Rosalie Hale-Cullen are sister-in-law married to my goof ball older brother Emmett even before they even met Rose and Bella had an Friend/Agent relationship that just worked for them. Draping the kids with my parents was a easy task like always the boys loved both grandpa's who toke them fishing; camping and made them a tree-house in are backyard saying that young boys should always have one.

Making sure that Nessie had enough breast milk to hold her until we would get her and her siblings. Bella's voice made me blink back to the present moment with her in our black volvo. "Um..Na I pass!" I said just to get I raise out of her with can be so easy to do especially from me. "Come on, Edward! Why can't you just answer the question - it was your idea in the first place to do this whole 20 questions!" Bella huffed irritated with me.

I thought it would be a great idea to step back and for just one night be those teens that would go on dates every Friday night because during that week we both had to study or in my case volunteer at the local hospital with my father that was the most respected and best surgeon in the state of WA. It was to remember the memories that sometimes got lost in all the chaos of our household with 2 toddlers and a newborn; not easy, especially for Bella breastfeeding an all.

"I thought that you of all people would know that answer" I answered back with a grin with my eyes still on the road. We where headed home after going to our favorite restaurant the first place I toke her on our first date. It was are inside joke being the restaurant's name was Bella's name it was always so funny remembering how she first looked when she saw the name that night.

It was amazing that after so many years we still have an stable, strong marriage even if there are times when one or both of us have done something to anger the other. No marriage is easy or even perfect no ones is and you can't expect that even if you love your partner infinity. Their have been jealousy on both accounts. "Well...Now I feel like an idiot for asking you such an difficult question to answer" Bella said with sarcasm raising her eyebrow at me. I laughed while stopping at an red light and turn to face her head on.

"I love you? Honey, it's not that simple it's so more then that it's everything there is about it and then some. Why ask? If that's how exactly you feel about me, is exactly like how I feel? Or is it that you want me to be that sap that you love so much? But at the end of the day I'll be that sap that fell all over you last winter on the freezing cold just to make you smile and blush?" I said holding her face in both of my hands; feeling her blush start covering all over. Smiling I pulled her throws me for a kiss.

The kiss was sweet; passionate and so us. We sighed and stopped the kiss before it would get any more heated then it already was. Honk, honk. The sound of the honking of the car behind us shocked us back to the present. I started moving forward the car when a blinding light from Bella's side. It all happened so fast that the only thing I had the time to do or even see was the truck that was coming throws us in full force it was one of those trucks that with just a small tap could destroy anything in this path.

And just like that the pain hit from my legs up my body. It was so much pain that if it wasn't for my worries for Bella I would have lost all conscience in a heartbeat. "Bella!" I tried yelling at her after looking at her unconscious state at my side. Like background music I heard the sounds of an ambulance and police coming are way. I saw Bella's head bleeding very strongly down her side and into her shoulder blades and finally to her clothes.

I took my discarded extra sweater from the backseat the best I could with my legs still stuck in the front of the car. But luckily I could reach and use it to stop the Bella's bleeding. And tried all I could to wake her up without hurting her more then she already is. "Bella; baby, wake up! Please wake up and show me those beautiful eyes of yours that always make me love you more every day...Please!" I said with my voice fill with so much emotion, so much hurt.

After so many tries, Bella opened her eyes very briefly and barely even half way opened but I tried all the strength left to make her stay conscience until the paramedics came. They were a few moments away. "Edddwarrrddd" Bella shuddered out with a very small smile on her beautiful face that just broke me even more so then ever. I couldn't hold it in any longer and felt all my tears live my eyes like an waterfall endless. "Bella...Pleasee baby; stay they're almost here, helps coming" in that moment I couldn't say more.

Just then a voice rang but I was so focused on Bella that I didn't even notice all the people trying so hard to get us out of the car and into the ambulance; there were so much noise it was hard to even think until I heard the voice of Charlie. "Edward! Are you okay? Can you get out from your side?" his voice was filled with so much emotion that it took me a few seconds to answer back to him. "No...Charlie, can't get out my legs are stuck in the car! And Bella's losing conscientiousness while we talk! And she lost a lot of blood already!"

I practically yelled at him with tears still flowing down my cheeks. "Right son, hold on! They are already cutting the car to make an opening for you both" Charlie tried calming me down but little that would do seeing Bella this way so helpless when I thought came to me. "Charlie; the kids? My parents? Do they even know? Does anyone know beside you?" I was frantic, I didn't want anyone more worried then they will be when we all got to the hospital.

"Only your parents know, Izzy is asleep when I got the call right after I got home for the night. I know she will be super pissed but I didn't want her to know until you guys where at least at the hospital being looked over and the kids are asleep last time I talked to Esme a half hour ago" Charlie said with a lost look in his eyes while every few minutes chancing a look at Bella who once again had her eyes closed but seeing her even breaths gave us both hope for her safety.

That was when my body couldn't hold me up or wake any longer. I just let my physical and emotional body take me under and lose all conscientiousness and fall to the bottomless abyss with no more pain.

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