My Own Vampire Facts

by Maury
(Jersey Baby)

Vampire’s myth and maybe facts I really cannot honestly provide you with facts as oppose to my hopes that some of the things that I will state are in fact a fact (wink).

Let’s get on with the myths (as it is the only thing I can tell you), Another myth that is popular is that vampires get burned under the sun, as everybody who watched and read Twilight, Stephanie Myer says that they just blaze like they have diamond skin, some would say that their powers are just weaken.

As we are digging to powers of vampires everybody knows that they very strong that is physically but what can harm a vampire? Others would say sunlight (as mentioned above), a cross or a wooden stake.

Count Dracula is the epitome of all vampires but there is a myth story that says that the ancestor of vampires is a girl, a witch girl who wanted to stay alive forever and discovered that drinking blood would do the trick, so she started killing and drinking babies blood.

As far as their location, the hush-hush of course says that they live in Romania but some would say they live everywhere, imagine not getting old, you have to move a lot right (another Twilight inspired) but some would also say that they have this secret place they live in together somewhere in the North that they call Enclave.

Like I said as far as the facts I really cannot contribute anything and I always thought that living your imaginations free would be the deal.

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