Real Life Vampires - Are Vampire Real

Do you believe in the possibility of real life vampires? There is currently considerable debate over whether "a real vampire" can actually exist.

Since the rise in popularity of vampires into popular culture through various films, books and television shows, it becomes almost impossible for even the layman among us to not have a fairly compound understanding of exactly what a vampire is.

The concept of a "real life" vampires can be very appealing. While blood sucking and dark long flowing clothes are both a fetish and a fashion statement in their own right, there are a number of people who attempt to live their life as vampires.

Sleeping in coffins of various sizes and shapes is a sure fire way to get your life as a vampire going. These people also often paint their faces a ghostly white, and some even have their canines sharpened into fangs and use many other methods in how to be a real vampire.

Both men and women can entertain this lifestyle, with varying degrees of obsession. It is a phenomenon which has been documented on various American and UK chat shows. Guests will appear and discuss their lifestyles, often to the disbelief and occasionally mockery of the studio audience.

These kinds of shows are often shot in such a way that it attempts to make us, the television viewers, see the people who live this lifestyle as freaks. Should vampirism be considered in the same way as other forms of human subculture?

Remember people, these real life vampires are rarely criminals, they do not attempt to stalk the night and prey on unwary victims. Many are quiet, private people who simply enjoy their different way of life.

Which vampires should people follow, then? The classic vampire is Dracula. This character been influencing both popular culture and popular literature since Bram Stoker's book was published in 1897. Think about it - the countless television and movie appearances of these characters in the last hundred years fully represents the true influence of the original.

In fact, Dracula can be seen as influencing the goth subculture which has been growing since the 1980's. Their style of dress reflects many modern depictions of him. However, the recent surge in popularity of vampires can only be attributable to one series of books and then, later, the films - the Twilight Series.

Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series is to be found in the homes of millions of young girls (and boys) and presents a new and modern look at the vampire. And her depiction is a far cry from the pale, decrepit vampires of Bram Stoker's day - these are handsome, muscled and toned vampires, often rescuing damsels in distress.

It is no wonder that people are influenced to live their lives in such a way, with role models like these. And just what do you think about the possibility of "real life vampires"? It really is a topic that will make you think. Real life vampires? Why not?!

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"I love vampire movies. I think they are sexy." -- Marguerite Moreau