Are There Real Vampires?

Have you ever seen real vampires? That depends on how you look at things. There are a lot of people that think that they are, indeed, real. Many even go so far as dressing like what people have seen of them in movies or read about them in books.

Some "real life vampires " even go as far as having their teeth altered too - be it shaped or having crowns placed over their teeth. You may also see some that wear a lot of make up to give the appearance of being pale skinned and/or wear Vampire Contact Lenses to change their eye color.

A lot of people fantasize about how to be or become a real one. A lot of people also dress up to emulate one on Halloween.

Movies and television has made Vampires much more of a cool thing than what they were 15 or more years ago. When I was a child a Vampire was something to be feared and frightened of. It was fun to put on a scary vampire costume for Halloween and run around and try to scare people but everyone knew who you were.

Now, today’s movies have glorified Vampires, Werewolves and other supernatural creatures that we all once feared into creatures of conversation, curiousity and even admiration. The Vampires I grew up with were strange and mystical. Now they are still mystical - but do they need to be sparkly and mushy too?

I have met a number of people that are convinced that they are real life vampires. But when I ask them "Are vampires real?" and also about drinking blood they either state that they consume animal blood or abstain from drinking blood all together. In their minds they are the real deal. But are they really?

I kind of doubt they are true Vampires. If they were real Vampires they would either be trying to attack a human or be willing to explain more about themselves and what makes them tick in hopes to become more widely accepted. Do you agree?

With hopes of being able to have easier ways of getting food (blood), I know if I was a real vampire I would do whatever it took so I could get food without having to worry about people with stakes chasing me around to try to kill me all the time.

Plus, and this is just a suggestion, if I were vampire, why not just make friends with people and my life will be much easier? Just a thought that makes sense to me. Kill every human in site and sooner or later you will run out of a food source. Don't you agree? Hmmm ... watch this video on Real Life Vampires:

About the only true vampire that I have encountered are what I call the psychic vampires - some people call them energy vampires too. They drain you mentally, emotionally and energetically. Meaning, they are the kind of person that whines and carries on to you about all their personal problems so much so that by the time they are done yakking at you that you feel "down" or "drained".

And the energy vampire, also known as Emotional vampires - they seem to be doing so much better after your encounter with them. I truly fear these real vampires! A lot of people don’t think this possible. But I encourage you, the next time you are around a person that always talks about ONLY all their problems, just think about how they walked away from you after and you listened to them. Were they in better spirits? More chipper? Happier?

And what about you? How did you feel? Drained? Tired? Brain dead? Just think about all these things. It happens more often than people really realize. So, are vampires real? Yes, I do think that there are real vampires! Yes, indeed. Just not the blood sucking type.

"You're like a drug to me; my own personal brand of heroin." -- Edward Cullen, Twilight

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