Salem's Lot Really Scares Me - Even Today!

by Terry S.
(AL, US)

I got a present from my wife and It was a Salem’s Lot book. It really scares me and she knows it. Sorry to say that I never even bother to read it because it really haunts me. I had this experience since I was a child and this story is the main reason why I am scared at night alone.

Instead of being a fan of this book, I dare whoever like real fictional book, I really recommend this one - especially the movie itself. I don’t like to elaborate more on the book but to give you an idea of why I know about Salem's Lot book is because of the movie.

The most horrifying movie and in television that I’ve watched is Salem’s Lot and I was only 11 years old then. I saw the movie on television with my parents and relatives while they’re watching it. They told me to come and see it so I did.

I’ve hardly don’t even know the story, the characters and channel of the movies but all I remember was that movie was terrifying and ever since I keep on thinking that whenever I’m alone. Even now I’m still scared of the movie and during my mid-aged, I’ve learned more about the movie itself.

It’s Stephen King’s 2nd novel and this is where his career started as a mystery writer. I’ve watched other vampire movies and I have seen Christopher Lee portray Dracula many times but the only vampire looks I was and still hunt me for all this time was Mr. Reggie Nalder.

Whenever I see Mr. Lee, in movies, extras and shows, I’ve always thought of Dracula. He was a great looking vampire and still I’ve always find Mr. Lee really gorgeous but sad to say I am much scared of Mr. Nalder being a vampire.

Mr. Nalder portray as an old, thin-hungry vampire or demon very much realistic. His portrayal as Barlow in the movie Salem’s Lot in 1979 was the greatest scariest vampire-demon I’ve ever watched. The story is about a writer who came back to his childhood home and the trying to find answers about his childhood scary experience in the house where so many mysterious things had happened.

He also had other vampire movie and it’s really spooky to see him. I even bought a copy VCD when I was in college. I’ve watched it and ends up frightened again of him. When I sleep and had a dream of vampires, he always shows up. I don’t know why but it really had an effect on me. If you really want to see a real horror movie well Salem’s Lot is a guarantee.

I don’t even let my kids watch it because they might have the same experience that I had. I will rather advise this to be watch by adults. I think the reason my wife gave me this book is for me to overcome my fears. Sorry my love, but I think It doesn’t work that way.

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Nov 18, 2011
I agree with Sam
by: Jenny

This is one of those movies that scared me to death as a kid/pre-teen so i agree completely with you, Sam. And seeing that picture of the main vampire in the movie definitely brings back all those memories.

He is only ugly .......... but the book is one of my favorite Stephen King novels of all time still!

Nov 17, 2011
I agree with you man
by: Sam

You are so right - this story scared the %$#@! out of me when I was a kid too. And the updated version was pretty scary too but didn't have as much of an effect on me as the original.

I still get nightmares just thinking about that ugly dude! And that picture you've posted just reminds me what a scary experience this was for me as a kid - and that had to be at least 20 years ago!

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