Selene from Underworld

Selene from Underworld is a beautiful female vampire who appears in the movie “Underworld”. In fact, this is a series of vampire movies in which she is the main character.

The first thing that strikes me about Selene is her beauty. She has very striking physical features and wears a tight fitting spandex suite that complements her physique.

Female vampires in modern movies, and older films too, are usually lady like when not hunting. This is however not so when it comes to Selene from Underworld. She is a fearless warrior who has a stubborn mentality.

She smiles in the face of danger; not a pleasant inviting smile, but one that shows off her fearlessness. She is also willing to challenge anyone who attempts to stop her from pursuing what she wants; even the leader of the vampire clan himself.

Selene’s job was to hunt and eradicate the lycans who were the vampires’ sworn enemies. She is very good at it too. One of, if not, the best actually. She knows warfare and how to use broadswords, pistols, and even hand to hand combat with ease.

During her lycan (werewolf hybrid) extermination quest however, she met a human who causes her to begin to question the teachings of her own kind. This man, Michael, could accommodate both vampire and lycan in his bodys blood to form a cross-breed.

And now, the knowledge of this vampire/lycan possibility, has caused great instability in the war and this man, Michael, causes something unexpected to happen to Selene. The vampire/lycan caused Selene to experience a feeling she never thought was possible - love.

In spite of the fact that he wasn’t even a full vampire, Selene fell in love with this man. Love is every warrior’s weakness and she succumbed to it. Love however, seemed to have made her stronger because she then built up the courage to take on both the lycans and the vampires, her own kind, in the name of love.

Win or lose, Selene from Underworld is an awesome vampire. She is a beautiful vampire warrior who is serious, determined and fearless. She travels very prepared for battle with her sword to accompany her fangs. She is basically a blood thirsty monster by nature. By choice, however, she is just someone who believes in fairness, justice and doing the right thing.

During Halloween celebrations, other vampires have become cliché. Selene is fresh and cool. She has the potential to become a vampire legend. I wonder what she and Michael does during the Halloween holiday?

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"But the world was a tomb to me, a graveyard of broken statues, and each of those statues resembled her face." -- Louis, Interview with A Vampire