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Ah, sexy vampires. The mystifying, terrifying nocturnal creatures that are so closely related to us, humans, and yet so unreachably far away. There is no denying that, throughout the history, people have been drawn to the dark and thrilling, and amid all of the things going bump at the night, vampires are definitely taking the top of the proverbial food chain.

There are a few key facts why this is so. First and foremost, it is the allure of the darkness as such. Next, the unthinkable – although thrilling – prospect of spilling blood and making it into an erotic ritual; then the incredible wisdom such ageless creatures must possess, having witnessed centuries before us. And most undeniably – their unchanging beauty and their immortality – both of which have been two main desires since, perhaps, the history of the humankind.

What makes a vampire appealing? I must say, the rule of different strokes for different folks is very much in effect here. Each one of us has an image of the The Perfect One, whether conscious or purely subconscious. This is true in regards to the vampires as well. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word vampire?

Let me help you there: a tall, dark, figure lurking in the shadows, with eyes burning like coals or gleaming like sharp silver knives through the darkness. And when he leaves the shadows and comes into the lamplight, he is divinely beautiful – not that you have the time to notice before he charms you and whisks you away into the night. Now, doesn't that sound like the beginning of a fantasy just begging to end up as something quite explicit?

While folklore tends to depict vampires as nothing but blood-sucking monsters, the fantasy literature has done its job and warped our perception of the nightmare fuel embodiment into an object of desire. So, let's look at the staple "tall, dark, and handsome", sexy vampires set. If you want to envision a classic vampire look, picture a dark-haired gentleman in vampire Victorian clothing – or anything elegantly Gothic and voila! Now, add a little bit more variation in the outer appearance – because some of us prefer the blond and blue-eyed look, or the burning red and deep emerald green – and you will find an even broader audience.

Take a look at "The Interview With The Vampire's" Lestat, for example. He is beautiful, very charismatic and typically cruel – but still desirable because a lot of women like the bad boys. Another example is more recent – "Twilight's" Edward who has the staple vampire look with his dark hair. The Victorian era clothing creates a nostalgic and romantic image, which might just be a part of the trick.

The human mind is easily fascinated by the unknown – as much as it tends to scare us – and a vampire would thus be somebody who could give an insight on how people lived back then. But that would be over-analyzing things don't you think?

Why is the blood-sucking so popular? For many, the neck is a sensitive area. On top of that, two major blood vessels are located there. Having somebody gently caress that area before sinking the teeth in: that is something sinfully dangerous and prohibited, and a very powerful image in and of itself. You realize that you're also teetering on the edge of life and death, which adds in another thrill.

Eternal beauty and immortality are two main tools of the trade in all of the vampire fiction. These two things are also the most desirable for humans – because they are physically unachievable. Trading deals with a sexy vampire can give them the eternal life they've been dreaming about.

Vampires possess enormous charisma, which is yet another tool to lure the humans in. The idea of being carried off into the night by a beautiful stranger is another fantasy entertained by many. And vampires, conveniently, are in the perfect position to provide both.

It is impossible to not mention the deeply-ingrained idea of the stereotypically proper relationship of a strong alpha male and a frail female, which is quite clearly expressed in the vampire mythology – and which still seems to be the most desirable setup for many, if the recent and rapidly growing fascination with sexy vampires is anything to go by.

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" It's healthy to ditch class now and then." To be precise, it was healthier for humans if vampires ditched on days when human blood would be spilt." -- Stephenie Meyer, Midnight Sun