Syfy Being Human

I suggest watching a TV show on Syfy Being Human. It's one of the best ones airing right now. The show follows a vampire and werewolf, two local friends who decide to become room mates. They later find out that they also live with the ghost of a young lady in the rather run down little house she and her fiancee were fixing up.

I really enjoy the Vampire T.V. show Being Human. I like how Aidan and Josh and Sally are normal people, other than the fact that they are Mythical creatures of the dark. You would think that those types of creatures are bad, but in this show you really get to see the good sides of these types of beings.

It sounds like a campy Halloween special, with costumes and bad makeup, but it's not. It's a witty, dark show, funny in the way things can be funny in real life (the house needing repairs, hiding their secret problems from co-workers). The show has the characters trying to live "regular" human lives as they remain out of the public eye.

Dating, friends, work - you know, the same things humans have to deal with everyday, these characters deal with their problems too - they just have some "extra issues" to contend with thrown in. The SyFy Being Human show is based on a successful British show by the same name so the underlying feeling is a bit British, even though it has been rewritten for American audiences.

I love how the Syfy Being Human show shows the struggles that everyone has, except the main character's struggles are way out there. They have to fit into modern society without sticking out and blowing their covers. They have to deal with sharing a house, their stuff, and their lives. They also have awkward moments as well as funny moments that will make you laugh so hard, you might not make it to the bathroom.

The vampire in the show has a past he's trying to overcome and the werewolf is trying to work out his future. There's a nice contrast in the characters, with the ghost being an interesting addition. And it is the interaction between the three characters that is so fascinating to me.

I love that the characters are supernatural, because it makes you truly believe that there could actually be creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and ghosts out there. The thoughts that things like this could actually happen makes the show seem all the more interesting. I think It's funny how the roommates get along with each other and how they help each other in times of need.

I think one of the best things about Syfy Being Human is that the main characters have all their angst, but still maintain a sense of hope as well. That's one of the main factors that add a lot of interest I think. I like seeing how the characters manage to adapt to the different situations that arise and still keep trying to live lives like "normal" humans.

The vampire has to overcome his urge to feed from live people, the werewolf has to work on figuring out where he can belong and control his other side and the ghost has to deal with being dead and missing out on the things she wanted for her future. It might sound like there's a lot of sadness, but the three of them are close to each other and the show also shows that.

Their friendship is a major part of the SyFy Being Human show, with lots of opportunities in helping, or unwittingly causing, trouble for each other. All in all, it's an interesting and dark show with a sprinkle of humor and caring to balance it out. Do yourself a favor and check out a few episodes. You might get hooked too!
The ways they help each other really makes me feel like there are still people out there, in the world, who still care about other people, other than themselves. I think it's awesome how Sally is a ghost. You don't really think about ghosts too often, so this show really makes you think when watching this show. I mean, what happens when you die? Do you become a ghost or go to heaven, or even get to choose?

The adventures found in Syfy Being Human are often not realistic, but they are adventurous, witty, and a little scary. I find that this TV show has a little bit of Drama and Sci-Fi, as well as some fantasy in it. I like the mix and wish that there were more t.v. shows out there like this one.

There are not enough vampires television shows out there. There should be more. In my opinion, I think this show is one of the best shows to depict vampires, werewolves, Ghosts, and mystical creatures. I truly believe that the actor Jeremy Carver and the actress Anna Fricke are the two best characters in the show.

I also like the fact that this story comes to life in Boston, because it's here, in the United States of America, making me feel closer to the possibility of mystical creatures since so many vampire shows are usually in other countries. I would totally tell people to watch this show. It's amazing!

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