The Dark Series - Christine Feehan

The Dark Series is another of my mom's favorite vampire books. It is actually a series of books written by Christine Feehan, it's her "Dark" Series. Every book has Dark in the title - "Dark Fire", "Dark Gold", etc. This series of books has a different twist on vampires.

With Twilight, Angel and True Blood there are "good" vampires or vegetarian vampires, in the Dark series there are Carpathians who live by drinking blood, but are not evil by nature. If they kill while drinking blood they turn into vampires and then ARE evil and lust for the kill.

While technically speaking, these are vampire novels, they are mostly about the Carpathians, the protovampires. The books are largely romance novels with a vampire flavor and lots of "magicky goodness" although they are set in our world, more or less.

The only draw back to the books is the quality of sameness that comes from using the same basic story over and over again. In this case, Carpathian meets girl, she will be the one to give him his soul so he won't ever become a vampire, she rebels against the idea of drinking blood and becoming Carpathian, drama and necessity force the issue, and everyone lives happily ever after.

The Carpathians are a dying breed, for a mysterious reason, revealed over several books, they are nearly unable to bring forth children successfully. The youngest Carpathian, until they solve this problem, is in her 20's. Carpathians live until killed, that is they do not appear to die of natural causes and like many fictional vampires, can remain middle aged indefinitely.

The books explain that the Carpathians and Vampires who were Carpathians before they "turned" are a different breed than humans. But that humans can be magically transformed into Carpathians, an irreversible process, that is quite painful, through a series of three blood exchanges. That is being drunk from and drinking from a Carpathian three times.

Here vampires are unable to change human into vampire or Carpathian, Vampire blood is actually caustic and will kill the human if ingested. This does not stop the vampires from trying, though.

These books are great brain candy, they don't require a lot of thought, and after you've read one, you know if you are going to like the rest. The Dark Series is a lovely place to fall back into when you need to escape from reality, or if you want a romance and fantasy read at the same time.

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