The Daybreakers Movie

The Daybreakers Movie is one you might want to check out. Looking for a cheap thrill this Halloween without dressing up as a second-rate Dracula? Then I'd suggest calling up some buddies and having the ultimate holiday vampire movie marathon.

"Which vampire movies?", you ask. Well, look no further as I have a great suggestion for you. What I'm talking about here is no namby-pamby Twilight "chick flick" (sorry girls). I'm talking about Daybreakers, one of the most underrated vampire films that I know of.

The most interesting concept in The Daybreakers Movie would be the fact that the protagonist Edward is a vampire, and so are most of planet Earth's population. It is set in 2019, when a worldwide disease has turned almost everyone into a vampire.

The surviving humans are kept like cattle for the vampires and harvested for you-know-what. BLOOD! As a result, humans are going extinct. The vampires need to continue feeding on human blood or they will slowly turn mad and degenerate into ugly Nosferatu-like monsters.

These nasty beings are also loathed by the more "human-like" vampires and are exterminated. The main dilemma would be that the human blood supply is running low obviously due to extinction, causing many vampires to lose their minds and fight over every last drop of blood they can find.

Our hero Edward is a researcher who is working on a substitute for human blood to feed the other vampires. He refuses to drink human blood for moral reasons. By chance, he meets a group of human survivors that hold the key to something far greater, the cure for vampirism.

A former vampire named Elvis accidentally cured himself by falling into a river after getting briefly exposed to sunlight during a car crash. Edward aids the humans but he has his boss and the other vampires against him. He succeeds in curing himself after a few attempts and becomes human again.

The newly cured Edward discovers that his own blood can cure the other vampires.

Freaky huh? Now I wouldn't want to ruin the whole movie for you, so you better see it for yourself. If you're after a vampire flick that actually makes you think, you can do much worse than The Daybreakers Movie.

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"Daniel Molloy: You said you were waiting for me. What were you going to do? Kill me, drink my blood, all that stuff?
Louis: Yes, but you needn't be concerned with that now." -- Interview with the Vampire