The Goth is Coming to Take You Away

by Johnny Masters
(NY, US)

I am usually a “mental health professional” but like many Americans I am unemployed and must seek “aid’”, charity, at many private and governmental agencies. Last week I visited a federally funded agency charged with identifying the needs of those homeless and mentally ill.

This agency is paid to deliver to those addicted to alcohol or drugs housing, services, and support in recovery. It was a small building at the out skirts of the small town I live in. I only went because of the offer of a free Pizza Lunch. It had been two years since I ate the pizza pie.

Working in the mental health field I often have encountered not just abnormal ways of communication or illogical decisions made by those who brains have been injured by illness, disease, accident or poisoning. I have learned to cope with “things” that border past the absurd, and could be considered paranormal. I believe in angels, and in vampires how can we say they exist.

I believe in “Purple People Eaters” and therefore understand the morph of the “Goth”. Eating pizza the other day, enjoying the hot cheese, the pepperoni, the hot peppers and the parmesan I met a “vampire”. Illogical are those who sip and she sat muscled from the waist up like some sailor who lost his fish.

She was a “Counselor”, an employee. A employee paid under a Federal grant and she is a “vampire”. For as she said good bye, reached out to hug me who finds distaste in hugging strangers she paused, she sniffed, came so close and I was surprised her tongue did not lick my jugular vein. And she spoke with her supervisor about devotion to a “king” and what was the smell of Bill Gacy?

I learned a lesson. Free pizza is not worth all that! We must remember that “abhorrent” behaviors are considered by the general population as sign, an indicator of “mental illness”. Was Bill Gacy, the cannibal murderer mentally ill? Do all those who rape or murder have a mental illness.

No! People make decisions based upon life experiences. It was obvious this woman choose to be a vampire. A curiosity will always kill the cat why is it that I, or you, in the dark of night are frightening ourselves in the wonder of the man or the woman who would choose the “red” to accompany a pizza lunch? Aberrant? Not mentally ill?

A choice and not Goth it was obvious she had made a decision. A “sipper” she is called in the law enforcement books. A “licker” a rape victim might explain to the police as they describe what happened. Did momma teach her that, poppa did he give her the clues, how is it she came to make that decision, to call it vamp, and way vampire. She ruined a rainy windy day for me and the pizza too?

It is frightening that a “licker”, a “sipper” is a mental health professional. What at homeless program for those unable, those so overwhelmed by brain disorder, what is for lunch to today, and what beverage will they serve? Will it be iced? Violent behaviors today are not often attributable to “brain disorders”, to those mentally ill.

For better than 95% of those being treated for a mental illness have never committed a crime much less a violent crime. More often than not those who rape, use “sex” (sic) as a weapon of control or murder in ultimate control do so because of the deadly addiction, blur, of cocaine or the so perfect opium of this day, Vicadin and it’s “cohabiter” the perfect speed, Ecstasy.

FBI studies indicate these substances used independently and frequently; but used more often in combination, and then combined with alcohol abuse as well leave the user, abuser, “blank”. Human beings are not “blank”. We should not enjoy the “white out” of cocaine.

We should not enjoy the irrelevant blindness of “speed’ or the dark depths of heroin, opiates, Vicadin or Soma. For these “drugs” induce a blankness of soul, a darkness of morality, and decisions then must feel the blankness to the top. There is said in the prisons today, in tiers, and in cells locked up and away. They raped, they murdered, they drank, and they are the vampire.

Stay downstairs where it’s safe! For the Goth isn’t coming today and the United States Senate took away federally funded forensic mental health treatment funding. Who can be safe these days and what is that…at lunch today? The drug wars continue, and righteous it is -would a silver cross prevent? Do I carry a stake; have I carved the stick, oh what makes a vampire go away?

Go away, go away, and go away today? I am not lunch today. Professionals, real mental health professionals serve no pig today, no Sippy Cups, and don’t lick the display. Vamp it up, vampire it down, go go away your life style is aberrant and I hope the judge doesn’t believe you. Don’t cop the plea you only did it because you are mentally ill. No you made a choice and I hear the Goth is coming to take you away.

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Nov 26, 2011
by: Dale

Man, I really worry for your sanity. You must have an imagination very similar to that of Stephen King - or an insane person. I'm not sure which.

Such detail - you really make the reader wonder - is everyone else insane - or is it just you?

Creepy is right - but hard to stop reading too.

Tell us some more won't you?!

Nov 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

This story really creeps me out Johnny. What are you taking man?

Sep 27, 2011
by: Gayle

Interesting story - kind of unnerving yet couldn't stop until I got to the end - is this based on reality? Scary

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