The Movie Blade

Have you seen the movie Blade? I know a lot of people think that having Blade's mom bitten by a vampire and all that sort of thing is stretching it a bit but in the movie itself any vampire that bites a human and does not kill them, causes them to turn - so it makes perfect sense to me that Blade would be half vampire and half human.

I really like most of the characters in the movie Blade, even the evil ones. Although I think that perhaps they should have left out the story line of Whistler being sick with cancer - I think that perhaps it would have made for a better story line for the other movies. But then I like all the other Blade movies too.

I also enjoy the fight scenes with all the martial arts, I even read that the actor that plays Blade, Wesley Snipes, is a black belt in martial arts or whatever they call the highest you can go - and I can believe it. Blade's sword makes me want to have one of my own, it’s so sweet and he makes it look so easy and fun in fight scenes.

Blade is a tough guy in the movie but he also takes his fair share of beatings… or stakings, I should say. Blade is half human and half vampire meaning he has all the strengths and none of the weaknesses of a vampire - well he does have one weakness “the thirst for blood”.

He walks in the sun when no other vampires can, and from the movie I get the idea that many of the vampires fear him, yet are almost jealous because Blade can interact with humans out in the sun and not fry. And as far as villans go, Frost, now there is an insane, evil, and really hot vampire.

The movie Blade (there are several Blade films) take place in New York or a large city, but it never really does say where it takes place. There really isn’t any romance in the movie but there are lots of actions scenes with plenty of martial arts. It is one movie that you need to watch to understand what is going on.

Blade is a movie about a vampire (actually he's a half vampire) that breaks the common tradition of being allergic to garlic and sunlight! The character "Blade" is played by Wesley Snipes and starts out with a scene where you watch how his mom has been bitten by a vampire.

She gives birth to the character Blade, who then grows up over the years in the care of a friendly guy called "Whistler". Blade becomes a vengeful, vampire killing-machine. Blade is Whistler's right hand man and the two team up to rid the criminal underground from the vampire-disease.

The vampire houses that rule most of the criminal underground has some internal struggles as well. Another of the main antagonists in the Blade series of movies is a vampire named Deacon Frost. Deacon wants to become the "boss" so to speak so he tries to unlock hidden powers that lets him become the most powerful vampire of them all. Blade obviously winds up in some quite intense battles with Deacon throughout that movie.

Overall, the plot of the movie Blade is not confusing; it’s a little bit Sci-Fi. But if you like action flicks, then it’s an excellent movie. I have seen it at least 100 times and I never get sick of it. It is what it is - an action flick and the perfect time waster if you have a few hours to spend in a fantasy world of martial artist vampires that really like to fight.

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